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"By combining ToolSense with our IoT platform of best connectivity, secure cloud solutions and people who guarantee integration on site, we create value for customers in their efforts to successfully digitize construction and cleaning machines.

Timotheus HöttgesChairman of the board, Deutsche Telekom AG

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Total repair & maintenance cost / year in €.

Cost reduction
By avoiding overload a reduction of the repair & maintenance costs / year by 20% is possible.

Number of machines over 7.500€

Cost reduction, increase in productivity
By optimizing the coordination & process costs and avoiding unplanned downtime, an annual cost reduction of more than 1,400€ per machine is possible. (Source: Accenture)

Number of employees with an operating activity and a salary in excess of 20.000 € / year

Increase in productivity
Through the use of IoT and application-oriented data analysis, an annual increase in employee productivity of up to 45% is possible. (Source: Deloitte)

ROI calculator for the contractor

As a contractor, you know that digitization is becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive and to survive in the face of increasing competitive pressure. But: How can you use IoT so that it makes sense for your business? How will IoT have an impact? We put together a business case for you so that you can see whether and how an IoT solution pays off economically – for you, your machinery and your company.

Cost savings per year
Productivity increase per year


Based on the real requirements of the job-site, we developed the standardized ToolSense IOT Hardware – which enables a fast, inexpensive and simple digitization of machines.


Our credo: Software has to make the user’s job easier, take workload off his shoulders and optimize business results. We build software for specific applications, test it together with our customers and continually optimize it.