Turnkey digitization of all after-sales processes & machines for OEMs

ToolSense is a comprehensiveafter-sales solution

For machine manufacturers and distributors, capturing the after-sales potential of their sold machines is an important source of revenue.

ToolSense offers the necessary technology for this, combining a comprehensive platform (software) with smart sensors (hardware).

The measurable success of ToolSense customers: Up to 10% revenue increase per machine & up to 45% margin increase per machine.

Asset management functionality for your customers with ToolSense NOW
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Digitization of every machine with ToolSense IOT
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Measurement of power consumption with ToolSense AMP
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Integrated payment/subscription processing with ToolSense PAY
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Functionality for digitizing your after-sales processes with ToolSense FIX
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ToolSenseafter-sales platform

The ToolSense after-sales platform is a web & app application for machine builders, machine dealers and their end customers.

Fixed component of the After-Sales Platform: ToolSense NOW function

The end customer creates his machine inventory on the ToolSense After Sales platform, uploads documents and maintains a digital inventory list. This replaces manual processes with a modern cloud tool and reduces internal process costs.

Fixed component of the after-sales platform: ToolSense FIX function

In ToolSense, the OEM creates the after-sales services that he offers the end customer and defines the respective process flow for each service. The end customer can select, configure and order these after-sales services.

Optional component of the after-sales platform: ToolSense PAY function

If permitted by the OEM, the end customer can pay the after-sales services directly to the OEM via the platform. This simplifies the handling for all parties involved and reduces the process costs that would be associated with an analogous payment.

Optional component of the after-sales platform: ToolSense IOT & AMP function

On request, hardware can be integrated into the ToolSense After Sales platform – either hardware from the OEM itself (hardware-agnostic) or ToolSense IOT hardware. In addition, ToolSense AMP can be optionally integrated into the machines for current power measurement.

We take onthe challengesof our customers


Increasing revenue & margins

  • Capture the after-sales revenue potential of your sold machines
  • Become a provider of digital solutions and services
  • Counteracting declining margins through competition

increase competitiveness

  • Implement IoT as required by the market for your machines
  • Leverage additional know-how in digitization

Optimize operational excellence

  • Increaser internal efficiencies through a detailed overview of the machines
  • Simplify all service processes, troubleshooting, sales productivity, etc.

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ToolSense in the differentindustries

Bodenreinigung Reiningungs- und Kommunaltechnik

Cleaning and municipal machines

Digitization in the cleaning and municipal industry means that cleaning activities and supply chain cooperation are increasingly affected by digitization – through connecting assets (e.g. cleaning machines, heat pumps, lifts), environment monitoring sensors (e.g. air quality monitoring sensors, leakage sensors, etc.), workflow systems, environmental data and CAFM systems.

The result is a “system of systems” – which can realize undreamt-of productivity gains for the entire cleaning value chain.

Bauarbeiter Kran Bauwirtschaft

Construction machines

With the digitization of construction equipment, process & project related applications can be realized, data can be fed into BIM systems and thus a smooth workflow can be guaranteed.

In addition, innovations such as new service offers, fleet management or even predictive maintenance can be implemented through digitization.

This has the advantage that downtime on the job site is reduced, problems can be solved faster and operations run smoothly.

Mähdrescher Landwirtschaft

Agricultural machines

Digitization in agriculture stands for the connecting field operations, equipment, operators, environmental data and all participants on the supply chain.

This way, as a manufacturer or dealer, you can ensure that the customer’s problems are solved even faster – or even before the customer notices it himself.

Fertigungs- und Werkzeugmaschinen

Manufacturing machines

Manufacturers see great opportunities in the development of product-related services through digitization. These services can be, for example, new maintenance offers, training, service/uptime contracts, pay-per-use models or consulting services.

These new services enable manufacturers of production machinery to achieve higher margins, generate recurring revenues and can react flexibly to economic fluctuations.

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