Asset Management

With your ToolSense After-Sales Platform you can see all sold machines, react quickly to problems, manage machine-related processes and set alarms and rules per machine.  Your customer also sees the machines he has bought and can optimize his operations using IoT machine data.

Service Workflows

With the ToolSense platform you can digitize all your after-sales and service processes and make them available to your customers as “service flows” through the platform. Furthermore, it is possible to digitize your processes using “drag & drop” functionality to flexibly adapt service flows to your needs.

Checklists & Guidelines

With the ToolSense After-Sales Platform you can digitize all your existing forms, protocols, work instructions, checklists and reports (e.g. acceptance, maintenance, assembly, service, return, commissioning) and automatically route them to the correct backend systems.

Document Management

With ToolSense, you make important internal and external documents and files available to your customers and employees and ensure that they can quickly find the right documents, as the files are assigned to the specific machine. In addition, you centrally control who is allowed to view, edit or upload which documents.

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