Checklists & Guides

Checklists & Guides

Digital checklists, guides and work instructions for your customers, dealers and employees

With the ToolSense After-Sales Platform you can digitize all your existing forms, protocols, work instructions, checklists and reports.

This way you can reduce process costs, minimize processing times and relieve your employees.

Digitize all your protocols, checklists & forms (e.g. acceptance, maintenance, assembly, service, return, commissioning, etc.)

From issue & return for rental machines, through commissioning, acceptance and maintenance protocols to assembly, service and weekly reports.

With ToolSense you can digitize all your forms, checklists and protocols and automatically transfer them to the correct backend systems.

Targeted "Smart Guides" through intelligent linking with IoT data

By linking to machine data, you can provide your customers with the right support at the right time.

This could be, for example, maintenance routines that have to be carried out when a certain running time is reached – or troubleshooting guides through which the customer or service technician should be guided.

In this way you can provide your customers with optimum support with ToolSense and avoid machine downtime.

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