Document Management

Document Management

Central provision of documents for your customers, dealers and employees

With ToolSense you can provide your customers and employees with important internal and external documents and files, such as

  • Operating Instructions
  • Exploded drawings
  • Picture material
  • Training Videos
  • Parts lists
  • Software Updates

With ToolSense, every participant is always up to date. Thus process costs can be reduced, maintenance simplified and downtime avoided.

Digital provision of manuals, parts lists, training videos, software updates, drawings, etc.

On average, service employees spend about 20% of their time searching for information.

This problem is aggravated by the fact that untraceable documents sometimes lead to working with outdated information. This costs time & money for all involved.

With ToolSense you ensure that your customers and service staff can find the right documents quickly, because the files are assigned to the machine.

So your customers and employees always have the right document in their pocket and can work efficiently.

Flexible rights management for your employees, customers, service partners, dealers or representatives

Not everyone should see all documents or data. With ToolSense you centrally control who is allowed to view, edit or upload which documents.

As soon as an updated version of a document is uploaded, the responsible users are automatically notified by ToolSense.

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