Payment & Subscription Management (optional)

Automation of invoicing and payment for small or recurring services

With conventional solutions, you have to take care of subscription management and billing yourself. This can cause up to 45 minutes of work per month for each of your customers – resulting in high process costs and error rates.


With the ToolSense After-Sales Platform, “ToolSense PAY” provides you with integrated subscription & payment management. Using the ToolSense Platform, your customers can decide for themselves which services they would like to purchase from you and which they would not. In the example of machine data, ToolSense then automatically communicates with the IoT hardware used and adjusts transmission intervals, available functions and billing to the customer.

Manual processes can thus be completely eliminated and you can concentrate on what is really important: Providing your customers with great after-sales & service.

Automatic technology adaptation linked to customer payment (e.g. Feature-as-a-Service, Pay-per-Use, ...)

Service + IoT = Smart Services

By linking service offerings with intelligent machine data, new after-sales & service offerings can be developed that enable innovative business models.

This enables you to increase your after-sales revenue, improve your margin situation and establish a new competitive advantage.

Such a service can be for example “Feature-as-a-Service”, where your customer can book additional services from you at short notice via the ToolSense After-Sales Platform (e.g. additional working height for scissor lifts).

In this case, ToolSense communicates with the IoT hardware used, sends an “over-the-air” update to the machine control system and activates the machine’s power. In this way, the customer can make use of the additional power. After the period of use, the machine power is switched back again.

ToolSense takes care of the integration between platform, IoT hardware and machine as well as the usage-based billing to the customer.

This enables you to launch new intelligent services that offer your customers new productivity advantages and flexibility.

Optimize process efficiency & customer experience through integrated payment and billing management

If possible and desired, your customer can pay you directly via ToolSense. Both billing and common means of payment are possible (e.g. credit card). Furthermore, your customer can manage all his invoices and subscriptions via the ToolSense platform.

However, if internal compliance guidelines do not allow such a system, it is also possible that the ToolSense platform only generates inquiries which are then forwarded to the right place at the customer’s site (e.g. for release to purchasing).

On the one hand, this allows an efficient procedure and your customer has a pleasant user experience. On the other hand the practicability is given by the high flexibility of the ToolSense system.

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