Digitization changes the cleaning market

In 2018, a major cleaning machine manufacturer conducted a “Global Trend” study with facility management companies. In this study, more than ⅓ of the respondents named “Connected Cleaning” as one of the most important trends in the cleaning industry.

“Connected Cleaning” means that cleaning activities are increasingly being digitally optimized. Through the use of technologies such as IoT, sensor networks and workflow software it is possible to initiate, execute and operate cleaning tasks dynamically (“Cleaning-on-Demand”).

But: It’s important to furthermore view “Connected Cleaning” in the context of Workflow Management and also Facility Management as a whole – as a “System-of-Systems”: By connecting all relevant assets (e.g. cleaning machines, heat pumps, coffee machines, elevators, etc.), environmental monitoring sensors (e.g. Air Quality Monitor, Leakage Sensor, etc.), workflow systems, environmental data and CAFM systems.

Only this holistic, systemic approach makes it possible to capture the full commercial value of “Connected Cleaning” – both for you and for your customer.

Added value for customers, dealers and manufacturers

The result is a “system of systems” – that can realize massive productivity gains for the entire cleaning value chain.

The market for facility management outsourcing will have reached more than $1 trillion annually by 2025. According to a study conducted in 2015 by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, 90% of respondents believe that digitization will trigger major changes in the market. Exciting potential for Connected Cleaning.

The business consequences for a manufacturer or dealer of cleaning machines are the following:

The demand from customers for digitized machines and
The realignment of internal processes (and the resulting competitive advantage).

Cleaning machine industry experts say that more than 30% of sales of cleaning machines in 4-5 years will depend on whether a machine is digitized with IoT technology or not.

Great opportunities through digitization

This change in market demand will trigger shifts in market dynamics and thus represents a great opportunity for early movers, as an IoT product takes an average of 18 – 24 months to reach market maturity (source: https://iot-analytics.com).

A further business opportunity as a cleaning machine manufacturer or retailer is that now one can be even closer to the customer through digitization and the Internet of Things: The digital machine as the 24/7 spokesperson of the customer. Through this as a manufacturer or dealer, you can ensure that the customer’s problems are solved even faster – or even before the customer himself becomes aware of it.

On the other hand, digitized machines have strong advantages for internal processes. Customer service, sales, development, production planning – all this can be managed much more effectively and with less impact on resources if you know in real time what the customer needs and when he needs it.

Easy integration into your machine

In the first step, the cleaning machine is digitized with “ToolSense IOT” so that machine data can be generated.

You can connect the “ToolSense IOT” unit in each machine to a power supply between 5 – 520V (e.g. the battery).

Valuable data – very simple

The most important data points for a cleaning machine are: Machine running time, location, battery voltage, vibrations & shocks, ampere load of the brush motor and ampere load of the suction motor.

If your cleaning machine already collects this data and makes it available via a data interface (e.g. CAN bus or RS485) – great! We can quickly and easily integrate this interface into “ToolSense IOT”.

If there’s no interface available – no problem at all.

With “ToolSense IOT” and “ToolSense AMP” these critical data points can be captured very easily and inexpensively.

Machine type & brand independent.

ToolSense NOW: Scalable, solid and secure

The data is gathered by using the “ToolSense IOT” unit. It is pre-analyzed with edge computing on the unit and then sent to the ToolSense cloud with a cellular connection.

The ToolSense cloud is hosted in Germany and Belgium and the data is sent and stored 100% encrypted.

The GDPR was taken into account in the ToolSense system architecture – this is how the IoT solution is future-proofed.

ToolSense NOW offers many advantages

Now you can work with the digital twins of your machines on the “ToolSense NOW” platform.

Of course, you can also make this platform available to your customers and service partners – the broader the use, the greater the benefit.

Machine runtime: accurate by the minute + machine type & brand independent

As soon as the machine sends data to the”ToolSense NOW” platform, you and your customers can see a detailed performance log of the runtime and also download it as a PDF document.

If the cleaning machine has no cellular signal, e.g. because it is used deep down in the basement, the “ToolSense IOT” unit still records the running times by using the on-board real-time clock.

The log is stored on the “ToolSense IOT” unit and as soon as there is cellular signal again, the data is sent – so everything remains accurate.

ToolSense AMP” – Ideal for the cleaning industry

With “ToolSense AMP” add-on current sensor, you can also measure the amperage performance of critical components, such as a brush motor.

Predictive maintenance for the battery

With the “ToolSense IOT” unit you can easily measure the battery voltage and predict the degree of degradation using predictive maintenance. Furthermore you can detect battery loading cycles.

Automatic guidance on “ToolSense NOW”

With the “ToolSense NOW” Rules Engine, you and your customer can define flexible rules.

That way the responsible person can get notified automatically when a machine is not running at the specified times, when the machine’s battery is not charging as it should or when critical thresholds are exceeded.

The “ToolSense NOW” smartphone app: your fleet at your fingertips

We developed the “ToolSense NOW” – Smartphone App so that you and your customer can keep an eye on your machines while you’re on the go.

You and your customers can download the app (Android and iOS) and log into your account with your normal login data.

Through it you can access all machine

Reports and insights for you and your customers

With “ToolSense NOW” you can create ready-made reports and also make these reports available to your users as downloads. In addition, these downloads can also be automatically sent to users at regular intervals by e-mail.

Prefabricated reports are e.g.:

  • Usage analysis (Which machines are not used?)
  • Loading cycles (Which machines are loaded too often?)
  • Activity documentation (Which machines worked when for how long?)