Digitization changes the commercial landscaping industry

75% of commercial landscaping contractors are convinced that digitization will bring about major changes for the industry. For example, Mr. Christian Leonhards, president of the German “GaLaBau-Verband NRW”, sees digitization as a “must” for commercial landscaping contractors.

Most commercial landscaping contractors also think that digitization can be a great support: in the coordination of internal processes, the training of unskilled personnel and the ever-increasing cost pressure by increasing operational efficiency.

The process of digitization has already been underway for 30 years in landscaping: since the process of preparing quotations and invoices by hand and typewriter was changed to doing it with a computer. The landscaping industry was always progressive and future-oriented in regards to the use of software and digital tools.

Digital integration of your company

The digitization in the commercial landscaping industry is manifested through the digital convergence of processes. This includes connecting equipment and machines with each other and with the manufacturers, as well as the digitization of the entire operational process through a digital model of the construction project (BIM).

It is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to keep up with these developments, as more and more new service providers are offering their products directly to landscaping companies (e.g. FarmNet 365 or Farmers Business Network).

First come, first serve

This change in market demand will trigger shifts in market dynamics and represents a great opportunity for early movers, as an IoT product takes on average 18 – 24 months to reach market maturity (source: https://iot-analytics.com).

A further opportunity as a manufacturer or retailer is that one can be even closer to the customer through digitization and the Internet of Things – the digitized machine is the 24/7 direct line to the customer. Through this you can ensure that the customer’s problems are solved even faster – or even before the customer himself becomes aware of it.

Easy integration into your machine

You can flexibly mount the “ToolSense IOT” unit with or without a box to the machine and connect it with any available voltage between 5 – 520V.

What if the machine has no power supply? No problem! It’s also possible that the “ToolSense IOT” unit is delivered with built-in primary cells. This means that more than one season can be transmitted without power.

And if a machine interface is available, it can be easily integrated into the “ToolSense IOT” unit (e.g. CAN bus or RS485).

Generating valuable data with “ToolSense IOT”

But even without a machine interface you can get the most important data through the on-board sensors of the “ToolSense IOT” unit.

What is very interesting for ride-on mowers, for example, is the automatic recording of the machine usage angle without additional necessary sensors in order to detect overload on steep slopes.

Furthermore it’s important to automatically detect shocks or strong vibrations.

In addition, “ToolSense IOT” can be flexibly expanded with additional sensors (e.g. fuel level measurement) or with “ToolSense KEY”.

Machine type & brand independent.

ToolSense NOW: scalable, solid and secure

The data is collected using the “ToolSense IOT”, pre-analyzed with edge computing on the module and then sent to the ToolSense cloud with a cellular connection.

The ToolSense cloud is hosted in Germany and Belgium and the data is sent and stored 100% encrypted.

The GDPR was taken into account in the ToolSense system architecture – this is how the IoT solution is future-proofed.

Digital Twin through “ToolSense NOW”

Now you can work with the digital twins of your machines via the “ToolSense NOW” platform.

Of course, you can also make this platform available to your customers and service partners – the broader the use, the greater the benefit.

Machine runtime: accurate by the minute + machine type & brand independent

As soon as the machine sends data to “ToolSense NOW” platform, you and your customers can see a detailed performance log of the runtime and also download it as a PDF document.

And if the machine has no cellular signal the “ToolSense IOT” unit still records the runtimes using the on-board real-time clock.

The log is stored on the “ToolSense IOT” unit and as soon as there is reception again, the data is sent – so everything remains accurate.

Your digitized machine: anytime & anywhere

The “ToolSense NOW” position log allows you to track where a machine was at any given time.

You can select which date and time you want to see and can thus document which route the machine has taken.

Automatic angle measurement and completely new data

With the “ToolSense NOW” Data Analyzer you can exactly trace the patterns with which the machine is used.

The automatic inclination measurement makes an overload easily visible and can also be combined with additional parameters (e.g. motor temperature) to provide a meaningful picture.

You can also define flexible rules to automatically detect this overload.

Integrate “ToolSense NOW” into all of your systems

“ToolSense NOW” is developed on the basis of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure technologies.

the “ToolSense NOW” IIoT platform is “Cloud-Native” and the server capacities used adapt automatically to the number of users and machines.

Thus it makes no difference whether 100 or 100,000 machines are digitized.

“ToolSense NOW” is GDPR compliant, your data is 100% encrypted and stored in the EU.

ToolSense NOW” can also be integrated into any system (e.g. ERP systems, project or process management systems) using the ToolSense GraphQL / REST API.