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ToolSense AMP is an optional add-on for ToolSense IOT that allows you to capture valuable performance data.

Capturing the performance from electrical components (e.g. brush/suction motor, battery).

With the ToolSense AMP current sensor, you can capture power from an electrical component. ToolSense AMP is an optional add-on for the TS IOT hardware. Multiple TS AMP current sensors can be attached to each TS IOT hardware.

Clear display of your machine performance on the ToolSense platform & app

On the ToolSense platform, you can see exactly how the load of the respective component is behaving (e.g. electric motor or battery).

Non-invasive attachment to the machine: simple & fast

The usage is similar to a current clamp – simply clip it around the cable & you’re done. The ToolSense AMP sensor can be removed at any time and does not interfere with the machine.

Wolfgang Wiefler Portrait

“Our goal as machine manufacturer is to support our customers with optimal service and help increase productivity. ToolSense works with us successfully as a strategic digitization partner – we’re very satisfied with our trusting and close partnership.”

Wolfgang Wiefler, Managing Director,
TYROLIT Construction Products GmbH

Interclean Award 2020 Category Winner ToolSense
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