Service reminders& digital documentation

You can set-up rules for maintenance & service for all your machines with ToolSense – which enables automatic documentation.

Automatic rules for all your machines and assets

With ToolSense you can define rules for all of your machines and assets (e.g. maintenance or inspection intervals). These rules can be triggered by the calendar (e.g. once a year) or – if available – through IoT data (e.g. every 100 hours or when an error occurs).

Notify the right person at the right time

When the event occurs, ToolSense automatically notifies the appropriate person ToolSense automatisch die zuständige Person (e.g., site manager or maintenance). ToolSense informs the person what to do (e.g. electrical instructions) and provices instructions on how to do it.

Connected with digital guides & automatic documentation

The responsible person will be guided through the task with the ToolSense app. To do this you can set up digital forms which can be filled out in the app (e.g. electrical checks). Once completed, the report is automatically documented in the life cycle folder.

Thomas Dannhof Portrait

“We need to provide our employees on-site with exactly the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. This is made possible through digital equipment management which ToolSense develops together with us.”

Thomas Dannhof, Business Development,
BlitzBlank Cleaning / AKKORD Cleaning

Interclean Award 2020 Category Winner ToolSense
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