ToolSense IOT”: Countless possibilities

We designed the “ToolSense IOT” hardware (60mm x 50mm x 13mm) so that you can digitize your machines as easily and as cost-efficient possible.

“ToolSense IOT” hardware is available in different versions and with different add-on components.

That’s why you can flexibly cover a multitude of requirements with ToolSense.

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The easiest way to measure ampere load

With the “ToolSense AMP” current sensor it is possible to measure the ampere load of an AC or DC component (e.g. a drive motor).

Machine type and brand independent.

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Security in your hands

With “ToolSense KEY” you can integrate access control in your machines.

This way you and your customer can ensure that only authorized persons can use the machine and prevent misuse by third parties.

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