The easiest way to measure ampere load

With the “ToolSense AMP” current sensor it is possible to measure the ampere load of an AC or DC component (e.g. a drive motor).

Machine type and brand independent.

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Mounting “ToolSense AMP”: as easy as 1, 2, 3

The “ToolSense AMP” sensor works by clamping it on a cable- similar to a current probe.

“ToolSense AMP” sensor is then connected to “ToolSense IOT” unit and measures the current of the connected component.

It is also possible to connect multiple “ToolSense AMP” sensors simultaneously to a “ToolSense IOT” unit.

“ToolSense AMP” covers a broad spectrum

“ToolSense AMP” offers measurements in the following ranges:

-100A to 200A with +/- 0.5A accuracy
up to
-200A to 1kA with +/- 4A accuracy

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