ToolSense NOW” – The leading after-market software for OEMs

An after-market software that both fulfills the fleet management-requirements of your customers and furthermore suits your requirements regarding processes, multi-level dealer structure and department-specific requirements?

Impossible until now.

We have managed this balancing act and are now able to support your needs with “ToolSense NOW”: an efficient, modern and scalable after-market software.

A variety of possibilities

At the core of “ToolSense NOW” is one thing: your machine.

“ToolSense NOW” offers numerous possibilities to create a digital twin of your machine and to leverage it by analyzing the performance & error data.

“ToolSense NOW” can provide for example:

  • Machine-runtime accurate by the minute: independent of the machine type or brand and without the need for a machine data interface or additional sensors.
  • Analysis and visualization of battery and current sensor data
  • Locating the machine and visualizing the route it took
  • Integration and visualization of CAN-Bus (e.g. CANopen), RS232/485 (e.g. MODBUS, OPC UA) or Ethernet interface data
  • Data Room for each machine to store and exchange documents between manufacturer, service partner and customer (e.g. user manual or service reports)
  • Creation and download of utilization- & performance reports
  • Download of all machine data in Excel format
  • Creation and visualization of graphical dashboards and analysis tools

Actionable insights with “ToolSense NOW”

The “ToolSense NOW” Rules Engine enables you and also your customer to set alarms and rules.

As the base unit for a rule, you can use any parameter transmitted by “ToolSense IOT”, an additional sensor or even a machine interface.

You can select which user should be notified and which rules should be applied for specific machine type.

For example you can specify that an alarm will be triggered, if the power of a particular component exceeds 35A.

Or that the responsible person should be noticed if the battery level of the machine falls below a certain level.

A system that fits your organization

Maybe you’re selling directly to the customer. Maybe you are working with a wholesaler. And maybe you have a wide network of dealers and resellers.

We have taken these factors into account and developed a sophisticated hierarchy logic.
Your subsidiary and dealer structure can be created and they can furthermore create their own sub-organization. Your customer can also create and change his own organizational structure (eg various stores or job sites).

This way, each partner and each employee only sees the machines and data they are supposed to see.

Self-Assignment of machines with “ToolSense NOW”

Do you sell over a broad dealer network?

In that case it might happen that you don’t know your end customer directly. This makes it difficult to onboard them to the system and have the correct machines assigned.

That’s why we have developed a self-assignment methodology using QR Code within “ToolSense NOW”.

This allows your end customer to create “ToolSense NOW” account by scanning the QR code and assigning the machine to his account. Without your dealer having to create the customer or filling in any forms for it.


Customer Service 4.0

An important goal of digitization is to offer new services, increase customer value and improve customer service.

Therefore you can use “ToolSense NOW” with the “ToolSense FIX” add-on in order to digitize the service interactions and the error reporting process with your customer.

With “ToolSense FIX” you have your very own “Service Store”. There you can set up different kinds of service offerings, such as spare parts subscription or rental machine-service – with automatic rental price calculation and signing of the rental agreement in the app.

With “ToolSense FIX” you can now help your customers even faster.

Bundling IoT with commercial services

In order for an after-market software to create value to you and your customers in a sustainable way, it needs to be monetizable and furthermore enable the drivers of your business model.

This is why we have integrated payment and subscription technologies for you and your customers directly into the platform – with the “ToolSense PAY” add-on.

This allows your customer to set the desired device transmission frequencies on the platform, book additional “ToolSense NOW” features, manage their subscriptions and make payments to you.

Furthermore you can offer digitally-enabled services that your customer can book with ToolSense PAY (eg autonomous replenishment of spare parts – triggered by IoT machine data).

The “ToolSense PAY” software automatically adapts the to the wishes of your customers and forwards the generated revenue directly to you.

“ToolSense PAY” makes monetization of services native, scalable and effective.

Your entire fleet in your pocket

For Android and iOS we have developed the “ToolSense NOW” smartphone app so that you and your customer can keep an eye on everything while you’re on-the-go.

You and your customers can download the app and log into your account with your normal login data.

That way you can access all machine data, reports and files at any time.

Enhanced security through integrated VPN technologies

Live data at the push of a button? Yes, sir!

For example: if you want to stream on-demand data in real time for troubleshooting purposes, you can trigger a real-time transmission with the “ToolSense NOW” platform.

If your machine also has an HMI, it is possible to stream the view with bi-directional functionality. This means that your service technicians can both see what the machine operator sees on the HMI and also can control the machine panel from remote.

To establish the real-time connection, common VPN protocols such as OpenVPN or WireGuard are already integrated in the “ToolSense NOW” platform.


“ToolSense NOW” is cloud-native

“ToolSense NOW” is developed with state-of-the-art IT and IIoT infrastructure technologies (eg Kubernetes).

That’s why the “ToolSense NOW” after-market software is “cloud-native” and the computing resources used automatically adapt to the number of users and machines.

So it makes no difference whether 1.000 or 10.00.000 machines are running on “ToolSense NOW”.

Furthermore “ToolSense NOW” is GDPR compliant, your data is 100% encrypted and stored in the EU.

You can also integrate ToolSense NOW into any system (e.g. ERP system, CAFM system, rental system, etc.) by using the ToolSense GraphQL / REST API.