Standard project procedurewith ToolSense

ToolSense has created a proven phase model for set-up of the ToolSense after-sales solution. With the goal of achieving the best possible and measurable increase in sales and margins for OEMs and distributors.

Step 1

Configuration of your after-sales platform

ToolSense platform is configured together with you (branding, service flows, optional hardware integration). ToolSense also supports your market launch (business model, DSGVO & legal, marketing, training of distributors & sales staff).

Step 2

Invitation to your customers

You can send your customers an e-mail invitation to register with your after-sales platform over ToolSense. In addition, your customers can create their own user account over your homepage.

Step 3

Booking of after-sales services by your customers

Your customers can now book after-sales services from you through the ToolSense platform (e.g. maintenance & repair, spare parts, rental machines, staff training).

By integrating your backend systems you can automate previously manual processes (e.g. making appointments, getting approval for cost estimates, selecting an available rental machine). This way you can reduce your after-sales process costs and at the same time increase your after-sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

Step 4

More productivity for your customers

Your customer can digitally set up all of his machines on your after-sales platform, manage his machine documents & machine-related processes (e.g. digital inventory lists, setting up factories / construction sites / buildings, machine reservation calendar).

Step 5

Smart services through integration of IoT systems

When your sold machines have become “smart” through IoT, you can offer IoT-supported services to your customers with the ToolSense After-Sales Platform, such as remote monitoring, automatic spare parts deliveries, pay-per-use, predictive maintenance, etc. Through these “Smart Services” you can create new USPs for your company and increase your after-sales revenue & margins.

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