Standard project procedurewith ToolSense

ToolSense has created a proven phase model for set-up of the ToolSense after-sales solution. With the goal of achieving the best possible and measurable increase in sales and margins for OEMs and distributors.

Step 1

Set-up of your after-sales platform

The ToolSense platform is configured together with you (branding, service settings, optional hardware integration):

  1. ToolSense FIX – Functionality to digitize your after-sales processes
  2. ToolSense PAY – Integrated payment & subscription processing
  3. ToolSense NOW – Asset management functionality for your customers
  4. Optional: ToolSense IOT – The digitization hardware for machines

Step 2

Market launch of your after-sales platform

ToolSense supports you with the market launch (business model, GDPR & legal, marketing, training of distributors & sales).

Step 3

Invitation to your customers

You send an e-mail registration invitation to your customers via your after-sales platform. In addition, your customers can create an account themselves through your homepage.

Step 4

Digitization of your after-sales processes

Your customers can now book after-sales services (e.g. service process, rental machines, spare parts) through the ToolSense after-sales platform. The customer can use the integrated “ToolSense PAY” functionality to pay for your after-sales service offers directly over the platform.

Step 5

Asset management for your customers

Your customer can digitally set up his machinery on your after-sales platform and manage his machine documents & scheduling processes (e.g. digital inventory list, set-up of repair tasks, machine reservation calendar, etc.).

Step 6

Optional: Digitization of your machines

With ToolSense IOT, you and your customer can also digitize every machine (ex-works or retrofit) or identify them with a QR Code. This way your customer can now see actual machine data on the ToolSense platform and you can offer your customer even more targeted after-sales services.

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