Support for your job

Your goal is to saw & drill concrete of the highest quality, grind & polish substrates, clean & maintain buildings. Many factors are necessary for this. One of them are functioning machines. Keeping these machines running and allowing your employees to work at maximum productivity – that’s what ToolSense NOW is for.

One answer to all questions

Where are your machines? When and how are they used? When do they have to be serviced? How does maintenance work? What is the load factor of your fleet? Do you have enough machines? Too many machines? How can you simplify your processes? ToolSense NOW offers you the answer to all these questions. Keep control of your fleet, your operations and your bottom line.

Lever for cost reduction

Your machines and the way they are used have an influence on many cost factors in your company. Maintenance costs, administration costs, transport costs, loss costs, personnel hours, downtime on the construction site – all these can be improved with planning assistance. That’s what we take care of with ToolSense NOW.

All of your Machines – in your pocket

By using the ToolSense NOW smartphone app you have your complete fleet in your pocket. At a glance, you can see where your machines are, which machines need maintenance, what a possible issue is and how you can fix it. This allows you to stay keep business running smoothly – with ToolSense NOW.

Total repair & maintenance cost / year in €.

Cost reduction
By avoiding overload a reduction of the repair & maintenance costs / year by 20% is possible.

Number of machines over 7.500€

Cost reduction, increase in productivity
By optimizing the coordination & process costs and avoiding unplanned downtime, an annual cost reduction of more than 1,400€ per machine is possible. (Source: Accenture)

Number of employees with an operating activity and a salary in excess of 20.000 € / year

Increase in productivity
Through the use of IoT and application-oriented data analysis, an annual increase in employee productivity of up to 45% is possible. (Source: Deloitte)

ROI Calculator

As a user, you know that digitization is becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive and to survive in the face of increasing competitive pressure. However: How can you use IoT economically? Where does an IoT solution set the screws? We have put together a business case for you that will enable you to see quickly and easily whether and how an IoT solution pays off economically for you, your machinery and your company.

Cost savings per year
Productivity increase per year

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