ToolSense Data Collector

Small but powerful: In order to generate valuable knowledge with LPWAN wireless technologies, low data consumption and low costs, the data must be evaluated locally on the ToolSense module. This is what we specialize in.

Self service collect data

With our ToolSense Data Collector software, you can cable the ToolSense module to your laptop, use the machine, and collect live raw data from use. This raw data can be categorized and stored in the software.

Cheap & fast

This methodology of data collection is particularly efficient. Due to the simple handling, you can easily test the usage patterns of the machine and collect live raw data.

ToolSense Model Generator

Machine Learning for non-informatics: The data generated with the ToolSense Data Collector can be merged and processed in the Model Generator software. This results in analysis models for Edge Computing that enable data evaluation directly on the ToolSense module.

95% time savings

Compared to classic machine learning, our machine learning automation software combines and automates all essential steps. All you have to do is set model parameters. The algorithms and processes run automatically in the background.

"Superb industrial #IoT example from ToolSense adding sensor framework to power-tools enabling wear measurement, productivity, predictive repair, pay per use and other applications."

Ben WoodChief of Research, CCS Insight (prev. Research VP, Mobile Devices at Gartner)

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