How you canuse ToolSense

With ToolSense you can automate the manual processes in your customer service (appointments, requests, cost estimates, etc.). 

This way you shorten your throughput times, increase customer satisfaction and reduce your process costs per service case by Ø500€.

With ToolSense you can automate sales of maintenance kits and thus increase your after-sales revenue.

This gives you a competitive advantage and can increase your after-sales revenue by more than 25%.

With ToolSense you can digitize your machines and can provide an asset management system for your customers.

This way you can meet the requirements of your customers and offer an additional value-add which can increase your revenue per machine by up to 10%.

With ToolSense you can digitize your customers’ enquiries, forms and checklists (e.g.: rental & training enquiry, handover & return, maintenance routines, etc.).

This way you can handle processes quickly & efficiently and thus save time & money.

These companies trust ToolSense

and many more…

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