How you canuse ToolSense

Your customer can see in ToolSense the machines he’s bought & has a central cloud-based storage for his whole fleet, life-cycle-folders & related documents.

With “ToolSense IOT” your customer can digitize your machines & machines from other brands.

This way you offer your customers an additional service and can increase revenue per machine by up to 10%.

In case of a problem the operator can scan the ToolSense QR code on the machine & report the issue.

ToolSense automatically creates a ticket for the customer, which he can then forward to you. You can then collaborate with him on solving the problem.

As a result you can reduce throughput times in service & save ø 3 hours of admin work per service case.

With ToolSense you can set up the after-sales life cycle for each machine type (based on calendar intervals or on IoT data).

When the event is triggered, your customer will get automatically notified & can then book a service over ToolSense, which will be automatically documented.

This proactive strategy creates a competitive advantage for you and can increase after-sales revenue by more than 25%.


With ToolSense you can digitize your customers’ requests, forms and checklists (e.g. rental & training request, handover & return, maintenance routines, etc.).

You can handle a variety of processes quickly & efficiently with this approach – and thus save time & money.

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