Asset Management foryour rental machines fleet

Automation of the customer service process

The Challenge

In managing and planning your rental machines & demonstration fleet, it is important that you have an overview of the fleet at all times:

  • Where your machines are
  • What happened with it
  • Whether the machines are available or already scheduled

However, the status quo in most companies today is that there is no precise overview. Mostly several Excel lists are circulating and often nobody knows exactly what the status quo is.

This causes unnecessary multiple phone calls, frustration among employees and customers and high process costs.

Automation of the customer service process

The solution from ToolSense

You can create all your rental and demonstration machines on ToolSense platform (manual or imported Excel). You can also add equipment or small devices (e.g. add-on devices, cordless screwdrivers, etc.) An IoT or telematics module is optional, it works very well without the module.

Therefore you now have the following advantages:

  1. Overview of all your machines, devices and equipment
  2. Creating worksite (e.g. workshop, bus, building or construction site) and assigning machines and devices
  3.  History location of your machines (also without IoT module)
  4. Add events (e.g. maintenance, damage, installed spare part, etc.)
  5. Upload inspection and maintenance reports, pictures, documents and videos
  6. Documentation of all transfer & return checks made with the app at the machine
  7.  Access to a separate reservation calendar per machine (e.g. for a rental order or maintenance)
  8. View all scheduled reservations for the entire fleet of machines

Features in focus

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Time Expenditure

Business impact through ToolSense

ToolSense minimizes the time expenditure to manage your rental machines by up to 50%

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