Automatedsales of maintenance kits

Automated sales of maintenance kits

The Challenge

Keeping the overview of when service & maintenance is due is cumbersome for the customer and is often done too late. Furthermore service & maintenance can also often be purchased from third party suppliers or competitors. 

That is expensive: Top performers today have an after-sales revenue share of Ø 30%, while the average today is Ø 5 – 10%. This can mean a loss of 20 – 25% in revenue for you.

The solution from ToolSense

Automated sales of maintenance kits
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Revenue increase

Business impact through ToolSense

With ToolSense machine manufacturers can introduce after-sales reminders and increase their after-sales revenue by an average of 25%.

Example: With ToolSense a customer from the construction industry was able to increase his after-sales revenue share from <1% to 8%.

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