Automatedsales of spare parts

Digitization of the service process

The Challenge

Ordering spare parts or service kits is cumbersome for the customer and is often carried out too late. In many cases, spare parts are also used that were not purchased from the OEM but come from cheap production or from the competition.

The OEM loses a considerable amount of revenue through such an approach.

Digitization of the service process

The solution from ToolSense

Our ToolSense after-sales platform enables the customer to procure spare parts directly and automatically.

Push notifications in the app give the customer the opportunity to be reminded early of necessary services and to order service kits directly from the app with just one click.

As an option, spare-part subscriptions can be offered to the customer over the ToolSense platform, which automatically allow just in time spare part sales to the customer – at a previously defined price.

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Sales increase

Business impact through ToolSense

With the ToolSense after-sales platform, OEMs  can increase their spare parts revenue by at least 50%.

Example: A customer from the construction industry was able to increase his sales share of spare parts and service kits from <1% to 8% with ToolSense.

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