Digitizationof forms and customer requests

Digitization of forms and customer requests

The Challenge

Nowadays customer requests (e.g. rental requests, training requests, etc.) are mainly submitted through ‘manual’ channels (phone, WhatsApp, email, etc.). Paper is also still used for checks and protocols (e.g. handover protocol or maintenance routines) – or also they are completely forgotten.

This results in unnecessary manual effort, many hours of work, tedious errors – and thus high process costs.

The solution from ToolSense

With the ToolSense after-sales platform you can digitize forms & customer requests and thus save time & money.

This is how it works:

  1. You can configure digital checklists, guides & request flows for your customers, dealers and employees on the ToolSense platform
  2. Your customers, employees and dealers have access to those digital requests (eg rental requests, operator training requests, handover & return protocols, maintenance routines, etc.)
  3. ToolSense helps proactively: Through targeted checklists, enquiries & forms, so-called “Smart Guides” can be configured. Your customer could then for example see a certain maintenance routine for his machine once a month or every 100 machine hours – which he can then go through & document digitally.
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Business impact through ToolSense

By digitizing customer requests, forms and protocols, you can achieve significant savings in time and money – and also improve your customer satisfaction.

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