Digitizedsales management

Digitization of the service process

The Challenge

One of the goals of an OEM with direct sales to the customer is to increase the productivity of the sales force. The sales force should proactively address the right machine issues to the customer at the right time in order to generate additional sales (spare parts, service campaigns, etc.).

Digitization of the service process

The solution from ToolSense

ToolSense IOT (digitization hardware for machines) and the ToolSense platform together simplify the collection and computation of machine data, which can be processed in up- & cross-selling rules.
For example, the system automatically notifies the sales department when up-selling or cross-selling products (e.g. a filter or tool) become possible for a specific customer.

Digitized sales management

Business impact through ToolSense

Increase of sales productivity and revenue / salesperson

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