Machine digitization & asset managementfor your customers

Machine digitization & asset management for your customers

The Challenge

Increasingly customers demand IoT & asset management functionality for their machines. This also comes up more and more as a requirement in large tenders.

But: Customers are also willing to pay additionally for such a solution. So it can generate additional revenue and margin to the OEM. However – developing such a system is very complex,  which is why 75% of in-house IoT projects fail and end up costing up to €2.5 million on average.

The solution from ToolSense

With the ToolSense IOT hardware and ToolSense after-sales platform you can provide your customers with a turnkey asset management system.

This is how it works:

  1. Your machines can be digitized with ToolSense IOT or any other IoT hardware
  2. Your customer has access to a variety of asset management functionalities: Inventory management digitization, machine data collection, setting up projects / buildings / job sites, documenting inspections and checks (eg DGUV V3), setting up alarms & dashboards, getting automated reporting, etc.
  3. Your service engineers can gain insights into the field: Access to machine data, setting up maintenance rules and overload alarms, updating the machine firmware over-the-air, troubleshooting problems from remote (eg live access to machine HMI), etc.
Machine digitization & asset management for your customers
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Revenue increase

Business impact through ToolSense

By selling an asset management system as additional value-add to their machines, OEMs can generate additional revenue per machine of up to 10% and additional margin per machine of up to 45%.

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