ToolSense – About us

Our vision is a seamless connection between operators, machines & OEMs. This way we want to enable transparency, automation and collaboration.

The start of ToolSense: computer science project at university

In June 2017 the three founders Benjamin, Rostyslav and Alexander were studying computer engineering together. During the course of a project they were asked by a mutual friend in the construction industry if they could help developing a solution for keeping an eye on his equipment.

ToolSense Founders

An idea with great potential

As a result the three founders developed a software and IoT solution to digitize machines. Their target was it should be possible to manage machines centrally & handle service processes efficiently & digitally. A big improvement – the demand was huge.

Steep demand leads to steep growth

In the meantime, ToolSense has grown to more than 30 employees and can count well-known companies among its customers. In addition, ToolSense was able to start a partnership with Deutsche Telekom and was awarded with numerous prizes & awards. A great development!

But: The demand is large, the challenges are exciting – and our journey is just beginning!

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