Are you a manufacturer of construction tools?

what is the toolsense-iot technology?


Technologies that need gateways (eg BLE) are not fit for the reality on the jobsite. We say: Tool Connectivity has to work directly, out of the box and without the contractor having to do anything. That’s why we work with the newest telecommunication technologies: to connect the tool directly, without needing a gateway – just like your smartphone.

Local Machine Learning Algorithm

At the moment connected tools solutions just stream sensordata over long periods of time. This is energy-expensive and especially draining for battery tools. There’s a smarter way: We analyze the sensordata directly on the ToolSense-Module, compress it locally and just send the insights – that’s why we are more energy-efficient than current BLE solutions.

Plug & Play Iiot-Infrastructure

We enable rapid time-to-market for Tool OEMs by providing prefabricated ToolSense-Modules, a scalable, secure IoT-Cloud as well as frontends and mobile applications for all users of the connected tools solution: OEM’s salesforce, Rental Companies, Product Management and Contractors.

We use ToolSense-IoT to increase your revenue by...

  • increasing your customer satisfaction and retention rate by up to 86%

    Slow service is a huge problem for contractors - it has an effect on machine down-time and reduces their productivity. For 86% of contractors this is the most important reason to change supplier. For an OEM an annual customer churn of 5% reduces margin growth up to 90%.

  • increasing your profit margins for 80% of your accounts

    While the profit margin on machine and hardware sales on average is about 10-15%, the margin for services and software is around 70-90%. Therefore it's the right strategy to offer new digitally-enabled value added services. 80% of contractors are willing to pay more for better customer care, better service and a stronger partnership focused on increasing productivity.

  • giving you digital productivity-solutions that 90% of contractors are willing to pay for

    One of the most important issues at job-sites today: Productivity. We offer software-solutions that focus on increasing productivity, reducing machine down-time, reducing break-downs and increase profit / job.

Alexander Manafi, CEO & Co-Founder

Stefan Öttl, Senior Sales / New Business & Co-Founder

Rostyslav Yavorskyi, Head of Backend & Co-Founder

Benjamin Petterle, Head of Frontend & Co-Founder

Andreas Pichler, Lead Developer ML

Tobias Weidhofer, Head of Electronics & Support

David Bernegger, Junior Frontend Developer

Konstantin Kolyushenkov, Embedded Developer

Samed Beqari, Electrical Engineer

Janos Herman, Senior Frontend Developer

Tijana Maksimovic, Junior Frontend Developer


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Deutsche Telekom AG

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Siemens AG

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