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Your members are looking for an unparalleled exercise experience.  Exceed their expectations with top-notch fitness equipment and a clean environment – with ToolSense’s maintenance tracking and planning tool.

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Centralised Communication Platform

For proper association management, a WhatsApp group chat or an Excel list simply won’t do because important information can fall through the cracks and work orders are simply forgotten. ToolSense offers the opportunity to communicate on a single platform that is accessible from desktop and mobile devices alike so that all members and staff are on the same page at all times.

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Work Orders

Work orders play an important role in the organisational process of all clubs and associations. When work orders are issued through ToolSense’s association software, the responsible member receives an e-mail notification and can record the progress step by step. This ensures that no vital task is left out and your organisation is running smoothly at all times.

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Work History

The right software for maintenance and operations will remember important work orders and maintenance appointments for you. With ToolSense, you can track and comprehend which tasks have been completed, which assets have been serviced and what was done at any given point in your asset’s life cycle. This type of documentation also allows you to calculate how much time was needed to complete a task and how much money was needed in the process to better plan and budget in the future.

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Manage Work Order Requests

Usage, repair, or related requests – especially when coming from many different members – can be hard to manage and keep an eye on. That is why a huge part of association management focuses on organising these requests with the help of an asset management software like ToolSense.

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Reporting and Analytics

Maintaining an overview of all past and current projects is vital when operating many assets, and that is where ToolSense comes in by offering you powerful analytics and reporting tools. You can easily track all your work orders and assets across their entire lifespan, including runtime, downtime, repairs, and all expenses related to assets and work orders.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Clubs and Associations

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

ToolSense is an asset management software that focuses greatly on work orders, which makes it incredibly useful for association management. Especially when trying to coordinate numerous members, an association software is indispensable in distributing and managing work orders and work order requests.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

The internet of things (IoT) is based on interconnected machines, assets and pieces of equipment that are fitted with sensors or trackers to allow for a seamless exchange of information. The ToolSense association software offers an easy-to-use platform and the integration of all types of assets, regardless of their manufacturer or their initial ability to connect to a network.

Easy QR Code Implementation

With ToolSense, you can implement different types of GPS or Bluetooth trackers. However, if your assets are small and you don’t need a bulky tracker to take up space, this handy QR code solution is the right one for you. A unique QR code is issued for every asset that members can scan with their smartphone or tablet whenever an asset is in use.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

ToolSense’s software for maintenance and operations can help you keep an overview, track runtime, downtime, location, usage, work orders, and much more. Always knowing where your assets are and keeping up with maintenance and repairs is absolutely vital if you want to extend the lifespan of your organisation’s equipment. In the long run, this can help save a lot of time and money through preventive maintenance and proper use.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

As an all-around talent, ToolSense is the best software for clubs and associations because it comes with the ability to track and issue work orders, create useful checklists and works with a handy ticketing system that makes it a lot easier to verify whether a task has been completed or not. If a problem occurs with one of the association’s assets, a club member can issue a ticket that is forwarded to the person in charge.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

If your association works with multiple suppliers, and you are looking for the perfect way to integrate them into your everyday workflow, ToolSense has the perfect solution for you. The software for clubs and associations is unique in its supplier integration that allows you to run communications with all your suppliers over the same platform that is used for asset and work order tracking, thus keeping all your important information in one easily accessible place.