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Choosing the Best Maintenance Management Software for Your Needs


Are you struggling to keep up with complex maintenance schedules and asset management? The right maintenance management software can be your solution. Whether you’re a maintenance manager seeking to streamline operations or an organization aiming to enhance efficiency, the perfect software is out there. We’ll help you navigate the options, ensuring you find a maintenance software program that not only addresses your unique challenges but also stands out in the realm of maintenance software management. To do so, we compiled the “Top 6“ solutions in this article. Discover a tool that transforms maintenance planning from a daunting task into a strategic asset for your organization.

Our Top Picks

  1. The best all-in-one solution

  2. Known for its mobile-first approach

  3. Easy-to-use mobile apps

What Is Maintenance Software?

Maintenance software is a system that consolidates all maintenance-related data and offers features to streamline the entire maintenance management process. This software is utilized by organizations across industries and sizes to:

  • Optimize maintenance activities
  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize downtime, including preventive maintenance tasks.

Various types of maintenance software are available to cater to different requirements, such as computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and asset performance management (APM). These systems offer key features such as tracking overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), OSHA-related incident tracking, work order assignments based on staff availability, preventive maintenance scheduling, mobile work order management, and project management tools – all aimed at reducing maintenance costs.

Maintenance Software to optimize maintenance activities, boost efficiency, Reduce costs, minimize downtime, including preventive maintenance tasks.

How Maintenance Management Software Enhances Operations

Functionality & Use: Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) automates and manages work orders, preventive maintenance, and asset tracking, leading to increased efficiency and minimized downtime. It’s mobile functionality allows quick task execution and real-time updates on activities, inventory, and asset management.

Central Repository: CMMS acts as a central database for all maintenance-related data, including history and work order statuses. This comprehensive data storage aids in informed decision-making and optimizing maintenance operations.

Key Purposes: CMMS is designed to:

  • Organize and streamline maintenance activities.
  • Plan and schedule preventive maintenance.
  • Track equipment efficiency and maintenance tasks.
  • Analyze operations for continuous improvement.
Aspects of maintenance management software

Benefits Across Industries: Used by diverse organizations, CMMS contributes to:

  • Enhanced connection and visibility of maintenance operations.
  • Cost optimization and downtime reduction.
  • Effective tracking of equipment effectiveness (OEE) and compliance (e.g., OSHA incident tracking).
  • Efficient management of work orders, maintenance schedules, and projects.

Features: Notable features of CMMS include:

  • (Mobile) work order management for on-the-go task handling.
  • Project management tools for comprehensive maintenance oversight.
  • Dispatch management and interoperable platforms for seamless operations.

By leveraging these capabilities, CMMS turns maintenance planning into a strategic advantage for any organization, irrespective of its size or industry.

Different Types of Maintenance Software

There is a wide variety of maintenance software available, ranging from simple to complex systems. Basic systems are designed to handle work orders and requests effectively. On the other hand, enterprise asset or computerised maintenance management systems (EAM/CMMS) cover all maintenance activities like stock management and reporting..

Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions optimize asset dependability and accessibility by gathering and analyzing real-time data to evaluate value and risk.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provides an overview of a facility’s assets throughout their lifespan, while Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software facilitates the management of day-to-day business activities and the exchange of data between processes, including maintenance.

Parts & Inventory Management (IM) software supports the acquisition and distribution of products through purchase orders, data connectivity, and the tracking of stored materials.

Work Order Management Software (WO) software focuses on measuring adjustable KPIs, creating templates for faster data collection, scheduling repeat orders to remind technicians of vital equipment maintenance and capturing real-time values and eliminating the need for paper records.

This provides a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach to managing preventative maintenance tasks and handling maintenance requests.

Understanding Key Features of Maintenance Management Software

Having explored the various types of maintenance software, let’s now delve into the key features that these tools generally (should) offer overall. Maintenance management software typically provides a comprehensive suite of features, including:

  • Work order management
  • Comprehensive asset histories
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance reporting
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Capability to enable the maintenance team

By offering these features, these software solutions aim to optimize the availability, utilization, and reliability of equipment, keeping assets in optimal working condition and reducing the risk of costly downtime. Implementation of a maintenance management software solution that aligns with the specific needs of an organization enables maintenance teams to operate smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

How to Choose the Right Computerized Maintenance Management Software (Buyers Guide)

In the selection of the best maintenance management software for your organization, consider the following factors:

  • Features and capabilities
  • Level of vendor support
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Software’s scalability to include other maintenance functions
  • Pricing

In evaluating the cost-effectiveness of maintenance management software, consider factors like:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Customizability
  • Scalability
  • Potential for integration
  • Mobile availability
  • Total cost of ownership
  • ROI
  • Technical assistance
  • User feedback
How to choose the best maintenance management software

Taking these factors into account will ensure your investment in a software solution that offers the best value for money.

The cost of maintenance management software varies between providers and is typically contingent on the number of users and the feature package. Prices usually range from $35 to $150 per user per month, while pay-per-license models generally range from $500 to $8,000. To get the most out of your investment, it’s crucial to choose a software solution that offers the features and support your organization needs while staying within budget.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top maintenance management software solutions, along with a summary of their key features and estimated pricing.

Overview: Best Maintenance Management Software Solutions (Top 6)

In this overview, we will be introducing the top maintenance management software solutions in the market, each excelling in different aspects to cater to various organizational requirements. Read on to discover the best solution for your organization’s maintenance needs.

ToolSense is a robust and user-friendly CMMS and maintenance software, meticulously designed to assist businesses and maintenance managers in managing maintenance processes for a wide array of equipment. What sets ToolSense apart is its ability to:

  • Provide comprehensive visibility into your maintenance processes through a centralized repository. This feature ensures that you have quick and easy access to the complete history of each asset, maintenance schedules, and other vital details. This level of transparency is critical in making informed decisions and planning future maintenance strategies.
  • Optimize equipment uptime, streamline maintenance operations, and significantly reduce costs. By enhancing equipment uptime, businesses can avoid unexpected downtimes that can negatively impact productivity and customer satisfaction. Moreover, streamlined maintenance operations mean your team can work more efficiently, saving time and resources.
  • Cater to teams across various industries, including construction, facility management, aviation, healthcare, and hospitality. This versatility makes it an ideal solution regardless of your industry or the complexity of your maintenance needs.

Essential features are:

  • Enterprise Preventive Maintenance
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Easy-to-Use QR Code & Ticket System
  • Maintenance & Repair Tracking & Planning
  • Create Powerful Maintenance Workflows
  • Independence from Manufacturers
  • Comprehensive visibility into maintenance processes
  • Asset tracking and inventory management
Variable Asset Tracking Options make ToolSense the Best Maintenance Management Software

ToolSense has demonstrated its versatility and effectiveness across a wide spectrum of industries. Here are some of the key sectors where ToolSense has been successfully integrated and provided significant value:

  • Construction: In the construction industry, ToolSense helps manage and schedule maintenance for heavy machinery and tools, ensuring optimal uptime and reducing unexpected breakdowns that can delay projects.
  • Facility Management: For facility management, ToolSense provides efficient tracking of all maintenance tasks, from HVAC systems to elevators, ensuring a smooth operation and comfortable environment for occupants.
  • Healthcare: In healthcare facilities, ToolSense ensures medical equipment is kept in optimal condition, contributing to patient safety and effective treatment outcomes.
  • Hospitality: For the hospitality industry, ToolSense helps maintain everything from kitchen equipment to guest amenities, ensuring an excellent guest experience and high customer satisfaction rates.

In each of these industries, ToolSense has been recognized for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive maintenance management features, and the ability to customize the software to meet unique industry needs.

Maintenance Process

MaintainX (#2)

MaintainX is a mobile-first maintenance management software that focuses on simplifying maintenance, safety, and operations. It helps companies in various industries improve equipment uptime by connecting people and data. With MaintainX, you can create, assign, and monitor work orders and work requests, Schedule preventive maintenance tasks, manage checklists and inspections, track parts inventory and more.


  • Maintenance, safety, and operations management
  • Equipment uptime improvement
  • Work order creation and monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Parts inventory tracking
MaintainX Maintenance Management Software

Limble CMMS (#3)

Limble CMMS is a mobile-first maintenance management software that focuses on preventive maintenance and asset management. It provides users with easy-to-use mobile apps for technicians to quickly perform tasks and stay updated on maintenance activities, inventory, and asset management. Limble CMMS also offers a comprehensive module for enterprise asset management, making it a suitable choice for organizations looking to optimize their maintenance operations and asset performance.


  • Mobile Maintenance App
  • Work Orders management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Work Requests management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Parts/Inventory Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
limble assets management plattform

eMaint CMMS (#4)

eMaint is a comprehensive CMMS that offers a wide range of features to help organizations streamline their maintenance management process. With its efficient work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, eMaint provides a complete solution for managing maintenance tasks and improving asset performance. The software is trusted by users across various industries, making it a popular choice for organizations looking to enhance their maintenance operations.


  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Inventory management
eMaint CMMS assets information management system

EZOfficeInventory (#5)

EZOfficeInventory is a comprehensive asset and maintenance management solution designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With EZOfficeInventory, organizations can track and manage their assets, streamline maintenance operations, and optimize equipment rental processes. The software offers features such as centralized control over maintenance operations, coordinated communications and data management, historical data and analytics for insights, and preventive maintenance workflows.


  • Asset and maintenance management
  • Centralized maintenance operations control
  • Coordinated communications and data management
  • Historical data and analytics
  • Preventive maintenance workflows
EZOfficeInventory Maintenancen Management Software

Timly (#6)

Timly is a digital maintenance planner designed for modern businesses. It provides a comprehensive overview of your equipment, machines, and systems, allowing you to efficiently manage and schedule maintenance tasks. With Timly, you can easily track upcoming inspection dates and ensure compliance with service management regulations. The software is suitable for companies from different industries, including IT, furniture, tools, machinery, vehicle fleet, and facilities.


  • Digital maintenance planning
  • Equipment, machines, and systems overview
  • Inspection date tracking
  • Service management regulation compliance
Timly Maintenance Management Software

Conclusion: Comparison of the 6 Best Maintenance Management Software

In conclusion, each maintenance management software solution discussed in this guide excels in different aspects and meets various organizational requirements. The options include:

  1. ToolSense: A versatile CMMS that provides visibility into maintenance processes, optimizes equipment uptime, and reduces costs. It caters to various industries and efficiently manages maintenance for diverse equipment.
  2. MaintainX: Provides a mobile-first solution with real-time communication features.
  3. Limble CMMS: Focuses on preventive maintenance and asset management.
  4. eMaint: A comprehensive CMMS with extensive reporting capabilities.
  5. EZOfficeInventory: Offers a comprehensive asset and maintenance management solution.
  6. Timly: A digital asset tracking tool suitable for various industries.

By considering the unique needs of your organization, you can choose the best maintenance management software that will optimize your maintenance operations and improve overall efficiency.

In summary, maintenance management software is a crucial tool for organizations looking to optimize their maintenance operations, reduce costs, and minimize downtime. By understanding the different types of maintenance software, key features, and top-rated solutions available, you can make an informed decision and choose the best software solution for your organization’s unique needs.

The software solutions and the respective rankings presented in this article reflect both our opinion and that of our customers. While we can’t claim to have looked at them with complete objectivity, we do believe we offer a top-notch solution. Not convinced yet? We warmly invite you to form your view during our complimentary 30-day trial period.

The Simple CMMS And Maintenance Software That Saves You Time and Money​

Managing maintenance across an entire fleet is quite a challenge. Use our simple CMMS and maintenance software to easily manage maintenance processes for equipment of all types. Operation, preventive maintenance, repair, scheduling–all done in one simple software.

The Benefits of a Simple CMMS And Maintenance Software Like ToolSense

Take Care of Repair And Maintenance

Working assets are essential if you want your company to succeed. That means unexpected downtime and repairs can really affect your business’s profitability, as does not knowing where your assets are and when they’re in use. With the right repair and machine maintenance software, you can keep track of your assets’ location and activity to get the most out of your machines and vehicles.

Illustration showing a smarthphone tracking different vehicles and tools.
A smartphone showing how you can easily manage your inventory.

Inventory Made Easy For a Smooth Operation

A simple CMMS and machine maintenance software like ToolSense can help with your inventory, too. Since your equipment is already in the system, you never lose sight of how many assets you own and where they are. Once the inventory date draws near, you can use all available data in your maintenance management software to make the inventory management process as easy as possible.

Gather Data to Empower Maintenance Decisions

IoT data from the ToolSense hardware enables even more powerful and data-driven workflows. Access parameters like an asset’s runtime or its battery level directly from the ToolSense rules engine. Supercharge your maintenance management and maximise the efficiency of your assets.

Illustration showing a smartphone and a laptop with different statistics on it.
Illustration showing a security shield, a broken cable and a plug.

Create Safe Work Environments With Preventive Maintenance Software

Maintenance management services could also be called health and safety software because they directly contribute to a safer and healthier work environment. Regular preventive maintenance not only keeps equipment running, but also safe to operate. Flaws that might lead to accidents or injury can be uncovered before they can cause issues. Especially when it comes to electrical maintenance, the right machine maintenance software can help save lives.

Never Miss Inspections and Audits

If your company operates a lot of assets, keeping track of all important inspection and audit dates can soon turn into a nightmare. Once your equipment has been added to the system, the right machine maintenance management software will remember these dates for you. Additionally, you can attach warranty information and other files to an asset’s lifecycle folder where they are easily accessible at all times.

Illustration showing a alarm clock and a calendar.
illustration showing a vehicle having a downtime.

Reduce Downtime And Never Forget About Service And Repair

Unexpected downtime is one of the worst productivity killers that a business can imagine, but a preventive repair and maintenance software can help and live up to its name. By reminding maintenance managers of upcoming audits and service dates, downtime can be avoided through predictive maintenance. Equipment maintenance management software can also keep track of spare part inventory so that your company will never run out of frequently used tools and parts.

Alexander Manafi (CEO) Gives You a Private Tour

Our CEO, Alexander Manafi, gives you a quick private tour. See the actual product and how it is used to improve your asset operations. If the video embed isn’t working as expected, please find the full video here

Proven Track Record

Get up to 875% ROI With ToolSense

Reduction in time of operational staff spent managing assets, handling inspections and locating asset information


Reduction of annual asset costs (buying, repair & parts)
Example: For FM company with 3K employees this results in €150K asset cost reduction / year


Reduction of unplanned downtime
Example: For FM company with 3K employees this results in €200K cleaner personnel cost reduction / year

Key Maintenance Software Features and Solutions

Enterprise Preventive Maintenance

Building and facility management and asset management have a lot in common: With many different maintenance tasks to bear in mind, it can be easy to lose track of details. A machine maintenance software like ToolSense will remember the important dates, numbers, and details for you and send out scheduled reminders so your facility and assets are always in top condition. This can help you save both time and money.

Reporting & Analytics

How much do you really know about your machines? ToolSense’s operation and maintenance management software provides a whole new level of insight. Track locations, equipment downtime, runtime, maintenance costs and all repairs and spare part orders, every ticket and work order while keeping all important files related to your assets in one place. The cloud-based maintenance management software creates in-depth reporting and analytics you can use to gain a better understanding of your machines and make more economic decisions in the future.

Easy-to-Use QR Code & Ticket System

With a cloud-based maintenance management software like ToolSense, you can assign a unique QR code to each of your assets that doesn’t take up space and can be scanned with a regular smartphone or tablet. This creates a ticket where the worker reports an issue and requests spare parts or repairs. This ticket is then forwarded to the responsible employee and can be processed without detours.

Maintenance & Repair Tracking & Planning

Tired of scanning paper forms or searching for the latest documentation of a completed maintenance? After a check is done, ToolSense automatically creates the respective document and stores it in the asset’s lifecycle folder. Furthermore, the ToolSense platform schedules the next check instantly, so manual planning becomes obsolete.

Create Powerful Maintenance Workflows

ToolSense comes with an easy-to-use and powerful rules engine to create maintenance workflows for multiple assets at once. Most commonly, you would create a scheduled workflow for a certain asset type, automatically notify your site manager, and you are good to go.

Independence from Manufacturers

Often times, a CMMS and machine maintenance software is tied to a manufacturer. If your business operates many different assets and machines from multiple brands, however, this could create a problem or leave you unable to use the same maintenance software on your entire fleet. ToolSense is completely independent and works with all types of equipment, machines, vehicles, and assets by providing a comprehensive maintenance management solution.

Who Benefits from CMMS, Operation And Maintenance Software?

Almost any business can make use of a maintenance management app or software because almost everyone operates assets, tools, or buildings that need regular preventive or electrical maintenance. If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the upcoming maintenance tasks and fear losing track, a maintenance management system is the right choice for you. With a software like ToolSense, you can use a simple Excel import and set up your maintenance platform with little effort. From that point on, the software will track your assets, work orders, and important maintenance appointments and tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maintenance Software

For an uninterrupted, efficient and economic workflow, a company’s assets, machines, and vehicles need to be functioning perfectly at all times. To make sure everything is running as it should, preventive maintenance is a must. That is where maintenance management comes in. It describes the process of maintaining and managing a company’s resources – from tools and equipment to buildings.

The goal of total maintenance management is to reduce unexpected costs, enable an uninterrupted workflow, and ensure the health and safety of the staff. Unforeseen events, failures, and repairs can be eliminated by keeping track of all inspection dates and audits. Preventive maintenance and proper management can help companies work more efficiently and economically if done correctly.

A maintenance manager oversees all maintenance tasks and processes that arise at a company. These maintenance procedures can include tracking the maintenance progress and calculating or tracking expenses.

Maintenance software is a useful tool for managing and organizing maintenance activities, helping teams be more connected, efficient, and visible to the organization. We compare the top 5 choices.

If a computerised maintenance management software – CMMS (software) for short – is used, it takes on the role of maintenance manager. This maintenance management app or software stores all vital data surrounding your assets: runtimes, failures, location, repairs, spare part requests, work orders and other files, photos, or videos related to your machine in an asset’s lifecycle folder, essentially tracking the device throughout its entire lifecycle. Everything you need to know about your asset and its maintenance can be accessed in just a few clicks with the help of a clever maintenance management system.

Maintenance software is used for preventive and predictive maintenance to keep track of assets, machines, vehicles, and more. Maintenance tasks and work orders can be stored in the system, and reminders can be scheduled for important audit and service dates.

Instead of or additionally to employing a maintenance manager, a business can make use of a maintenance management software. It essentially performs the same tasks, such as tracking the maintenance progress or calculating maintenance expenses.

Implementing maintenance software can be a challenge due to organizational culture and training, existing maintenance processes and policies, cost of the necessary technology, as well as data capture, analysis, and security.

Using a leading maintenance management software solution with durable QR code labels allows for a centralized system with comprehensive visibility into maintenance processes. It enables easy access to the complete history of each asset, maintenance schedules, and more through quick and efficient QR code scanning.

EAM stands for enterprise asset management. CMMS is a computerised maintenance management software and is considered a part of enterprise asset management. EAM software provides users with a broader spectrum of features, whereas CMMS mainly tracks maintenance tasks.