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Revolutionizing Construction Management: Your All-in-One Equipment Scheduling Software Solution

Have you ever wondered how construction companies and rental businesses keep their massive projects running smoothly? Imagine a world where every piece of equipment is right where it needs to be, when it’s needed. That’s the magic of ToolSense, our groundbreaking equipment scheduling software. Designed to tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges, our platform is your gateway to optimized efficiency and enhanced profitability. Transform the way you handle your equipment bookings and track equipment usage.

Key Features of Equipment Scheduling with ToolSense

ToolSense isn’t just a tool – it’s the future of construction efficiency, where advanced equipment scheduling meets real-time coordination. Dive into how this innovative software is revolutionizing equipment management, one schedule at a time.

Advanced Machinery Scheduling

Advanced Machinery Scheduling

Optimizing the utilization of machinery and equipment is crucial for enhancing efficiency and reducing costs in operations. The real-time allocation feature enables instant scheduling of equipment such as excavators, cranes, and bulldozers across different job sites. A user-friendly interface allows for easy adjustments and planning with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Automated Cost Calculation

Automated cost calculation streamlines the financial tracking of machinery by calculating costs dynamically based on usage duration and type. This booking software adapts to various scenarios, including peak and off-peak hours, special conditions, or specific client agreements, allowing for tailored rate adjustments. By minimizing human error in the calculation process, it provides a more accurate financial overview, ensuring each machinery’s cost reflects its actual usage and operating conditions. You can download the generated cost data as an Excel file to use as the basis for your invoicing, or you can have it send directly to your ERP system.

Automated Cost Calculation
Real-Time Driver Notifications

Real-Time Driver Notifications

Real-time driver notifications provide instant updates, keeping drivers informed about delivery schedules, route changes and urgent information. Real-time visibility ensures that drivers remain constantly updated and aware of any changes that may impact their routes or schedules. Additionally, these notifications are customizable, allowing them to be tailored to meet specific job requirements or driver preferences. Furthermore, the system facilitates two-way communication, enabling drivers to send updates or alerts back to the dispatch or management team. This enhances communication and coordination, leading to more efficient and effective operations.

Digital Delivery Notes

Digital delivery notes transform traditional delivery processes, enabling drivers to handle delivery documentation directly on their mobile devices. This eliminates the cumbersome need for paper-based methods. The system boasts an easy-to-use interface, specifically designed to maximize simplicity and efficiency. This allows drivers to quickly and accurately complete necessary details without delay. Additionally, it incorporates electronic signature capabilities, enabling both drivers and recipients to sign off on deliveries digitally, offering instant confirmation and verifiable proof of delivery. The completion of these delivery notes is immediately submitted to the central system, ensuring prompt processing.

Digital Delivery Notes
ERP System Integration

ERP System Integration

Integrating an ERP system with ToolSense offers an uninterrupted data flow, enabling the seamless transfer of scheduling and cost information directly into an organization’s ERP system. This integration is pivotal in streamlining complex processes such as invoicing and financial reporting. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of different businesses, the integration is highly customizable and compatible with a variety of ERP systems. Furthermore, a strong emphasis is placed on data security, ensuring that all data transfers occur securely while adhering to the highest industry standards.

Excel Export for Enhanced Data Management

The Excel export feature offers a seamless and innovative solution for effortlessly transferring financial records into Excel. This allows for the effortless exportation of all financial records into Excel, paving the way for in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting. It simplifies the process of making data-driven decisions, enabling users to gain a clear, organized view of their financial landscape. This scheduling software feature is particularly beneficial for those seeking to streamline their financial workflows, ensuring that every significant figure is just a click away, all within the familiar environment of Excel. 

Excel Export for Enhanced Data Management

Alexander Manafi (CEO) Gives You a Private Tour

Our CEO, Alexander Manafi, gives you a quick private tour. See the actual product and how it is used to improve your equipment tracking and scheduling operations. If the video embed isn’t working as expected, please find the full video here.

Proven Track Record

Get up to 875% ROI With ToolSense

Reduction in time of operational staff spent managing assets, handling inspections and locating asset information


Reduction of annual asset costs (buying, repair & parts)
Example: For FM company with 3K employees this results in €150K asset cost reduction / year


Reduction of unplanned downtime
Example: For FM company with 3K employees this results in €200K cleaner personnel cost reduction / year

Verified review
We wanted a solution that does not only track expensive assets but also cheap ones. In Austria, ISS operates over 6,500 cleaning machines alone, without even counting vacuum cleaners and other pieces of equipment. With ToolSense we bring them together on a single platform, leveraging data from IoT hardware and improving maintenance and inspection processes.
David Hiersche on ToolSense
David Hiersche
Director Operations Performance @ ISS Austria
Verified review
With ToolSense we no longer have duplicated data stored in Excel sheets but a central and synchronized system that contains all relevant information and documentation. We save a lot of time and therefore I have an immediate positive economic impact. In addition to that we wanted to stay in charge of our own data which required a manufacturer-independent solution.
Ralf Lüddemann
Head of Machine Technology @ Leonhard Weiss
Verified review
Being able to combine equipment on one dashboard, where we have motorized and non-motorized equipment, is key for ABM. We currently have 5,000–6,000 non-motorized pieces of equipment out there in the field. Bringing that all together into one system is a big benefit.
Michael Ostendorf
Senior Vice President Service Delivery @ ABM Industries
Verified review
We finally have a single digital platform, that makes a lot of manual processes obsolete. Our goal is to retain merchants and clients with great digital services that save them time and money. Additionally, we build up a unique set of first-party data that help us to improve our products and services even more.
Benedikt Schneider
Head of Product Management @ Knauf PFT

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Benefits of Equipment Planning: Elevating Your Business to New Heights with our Equipment Scheduling Software Business Case

Maximized Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced business world, maximizing efficiency is not just a goal, it’s a necessity – maximized efficiency involves streamlining operations to reduce manual effort, enabling businesses to focus on growth. This approach simplifies processes, enhances productivity, and allows for the allocation of resources towards more critical, value-adding activities, ultimately leading to a more efficient and effective business environment.

maximized efficiency
cost savings

Cost Savings

Maximizing efficiency, minimizing downtime and managing costs effectively are crucial for any organization. By implementing precise equipment scheduling strategies and focusing on meticulous cost management, rental companies can significantly reduce unnecessary expenses. This approach ensures optimal utilization of resources and maximizes efficiency, leading to substantial financial savings and enhanced operational performance.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Enhancing customer satisfaction involves consistently meeting expectations through prompt equipment allocation and professional service. This approach fosters strong, enduring relationships with clients by demonstrating reliability and a commitment to their needs, thereby ensuring a positive and lasting impact on their experience with your services.

Illustration showing 3 happy people. Customer Satisfaction
Illustration showing a smartphone and a laptop with different statistics on it.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In an era where efficiency and innovation drive success, the capacity for well-informed strategic decision-making is essential. By harnessing the power of accurate and real-time data, organizations can navigate complex challenges with confidence. This approach enables leaders to not only respond swiftly to emerging trends and market demands but also to anticipate future developments, ensuring a proactive and strategic path towards success.