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ToolSense offers the perfect solution to help you keep an overview of all the important tasks and assets you need to manage in the hospitality sector.

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Empower Your Entire Staff to Report Problems in Real-Time

Phone calls, e-mails, or in-person conversations are great ways to resolve a problem, but not always the most time-efficient ones. By using ToolSense’s software for maintenance and operations, your employees only need a smartphone or tablet to report a problem on-site, which is immediately forwarded to the responsible member of staff.

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Easy Work Order Management

When responsibilities aren’t clear, some tasks are left forgotten or taken on by multiple employees. Using ToolSense’s asset management software to improve your work order management can help keep an overview and track the progress of all your work orders – from anywhere, thanks to full mobile compatibility.

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Full Work Order History

Tracing the steps even after the work order has been completed? That is possible with ToolSense! Completed work orders are closed, but not deleted. Instead, the asset management and hospitality software will file the order in your asset’s lifecycle folder for later review or use in statistics.

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Manage Work Requests Quick and Simple

Let your employees create work orders, tasks, and checklists in a simple and easy manner. ToolSense allows members of staff to scan a QR code with their phones or tablets to report a problem or create a work order. These are then forwarded to the employee in charge.

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Reporting and Analytics

With powerful reporting and analytics tools, the hospitality and asset management software simplifies your decision-making process. ToolSense supplies you with all the information that you need in order to make the most economic choices for your business.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Hospitality

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

Issuing and managing work orders has never been so easy. As soon as a new work order is created, the responsible employee is notified and can track their progress in ToolSense’s software for maintenance and operations. Once it is completed, the order isn’t deleted, but stored in the asset’s lifecycle folder.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

If your vital assets are equipped with sensors and trackers, collecting and exchanging data becomes a piece of cake. You can track usage, breakdowns, repairs, and much more by utilising ToolSense’s software for maintenance and operations alongside modern hardware, such as GPS trackers and other sensors.

Easy QR Code Implementation

Instead of relying on sensors and trackers, you can implement ToolSense’s QR code technology to track your assets. A unique QR code is assigned to each asset and can be scanned whenever an action occurs, be it a machine breakdown or a repair request. All that is needed is a smartphone or tablet.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

ToolSense allows you to track, collect, and save vital data surrounding your assets, such as location, usage, downtime, repair requests, or spare part orders. Scheduling and conducting maintenance appointments and important safety checks become a lot easier, as does reviewing the outcome and planning further steps. This ensures the safety of your staff and keeps your assets up and running at all times.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

The hospitality and asset management software works with a useful ticketing system, which makes issuing, receiving, and managing work orders easier than ever before. You also have the ability to create custom checklists suitable for your company’s needs to make sure that even the smallest task is addressed.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

The hospitality sector relies on excellent business relationships with multiple suppliers, which is why integrating them into the same platform that is used for asset and work order management will make your workflow a lot smoother and simpler. Use ToolSense to effortlessly communicate with your suppliers and say goodbye to paper and e-mail chaos.