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Make the Most of Your Manufacturing Process

A lot can go wrong in a manufacturing business – from unexpected repairs to missed work orders. To improve your production process, maintenance and work order management, you can use ToolSense’s asset management software to save both time and money.

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Meet All of Your Production and Safety Goals

There is an easy way to ensure that you can meet all of your production goals: By utilising a manufacturing process management software. Through preventive maintenance, you can keep your equipment up and running at all times, reducing unexpected repairs and downtime. The same software can also contribute to a safer work environment by helping you manage safety inspection appointments and checklists.

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Track Work Requests Across All Assets and Locations

A work order software like ToolSense can help keep you organised and track work orders regardless of location or the assets involved in the process. ToolSense combines asset management, maintenance management, and work order management in one easy-to-use software that will make it easy to coordinate assets and work orders across your organisation.

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Capture and Share Work Orders from Anywhere

ToolSense’s manufacturing software solution offers an easily accessible platform suitable for desktop and mobile use that your employees can use to capture and share work orders regardless of their location. By simply scanning a QR code on the machine, a worker can report a problem, fault, or downtime and request repairs. This work order is then immediately forwarded to the person in charge, eliminating the need for phone calls, e-mails, or a long walk to the administration department.

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Run Manufacturing Operations Easily and with Reduced Downtime

ToolSense’s software for maintenance and operations can be used to schedule maintenance appointments, track repair progress, and set up automated reminders whenever an audit is due. When your machines are well taken care of and serviced at regular intervals, downtime due to unexpected faults and unscheduled repairs becomes a lot less likely and frequent.

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Reporting and Analytics

ToolSense’s biggest strength as an asset management software for manufacturers is the powerful reporting and analytics tool. Vital machine data, such as location, downtime, runtime, repair and work orders, is saved and stored in your asset’s lifecycle folder. These statistics can be consulted in your company’s decision-making process and used to make the most economic choices for your business.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Manufacturing

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

Missed assignments, flawed communications, or unclear responsibilities have a negative impact on your day-to-day workflow and can put a dent in your company’s productivity. That is why WhatsApp group chats, e-mails, and Excel lists might not be the perfect choice for your work order management if your company employs a large number of workers. ToolSense’s work order software focuses your work orders and ensures they always reach the right person.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

Connecting all your assets, machines, and vital equipment through a network allows for an effortless exchange of data. Whether it concerns your asset’s location, runtime, downtime, or work orders – the information is stored in your asset’s lifecycle folder and included in insightful statistics.

Easy QR Code Implementation

Instead of attaching a tracker or sensor to your machines, you can use ToolSense’s subtle and easy-to-use QR code technology. Every asset is assigned a unique QR code that workers can scan with their smartphones or tables to report a problem, log runtimes, or file a work order.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

Track location, runtime, downtime, repairs, work orders, and your inventory with ToolSense’s asset management software. This can help your company save time and money through preventive maintenance and specific deployment of your strongest assets. By storing this information in your asset’s lifecycle folder, ToolSense also delivers fantastic insights that can be used in your decision-making process.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

ToolSense’s simple solution to structuring the work order software relies on a handy ticketing system. Each work can create a ticket that is immediately forwarded to the responsible employee and closed once the work order is finished. The platform also offers the option of creating custom checklists that ensure progress is logged appropriately, and no task is forgotten.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

Working with suppliers has never been so easy! Instead of relying on paperwork or e-mails, your most important business contacts can now be included in the ToolSense asset management software. This allows for seamless communication and keeps all important information your employees need in a single place.