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Top energy & utilities companies use ToolSense for more efficient operations, smoother workflows and better inventory management across locations. 

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Increase Reliability and Manage Downtime

With the help of the right software for maintenance and operations, downtime can be reduced, and your business will become more reliable. Get reminded of upcoming preventive maintenance appointments, create a preventive maintenance program to keep an eye on inventory, and enable seamless communications to reduce breakdowns. Because your machines are kept in top shape at all times, it also contributes to an overall longer lifespan of your assets.

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Automate Energy & Utilities Processes for Improved Efficiency

ToolSense’s asset management software can help you automate many processes around your machines and equipment that your employees normally do manually, thus saving time and money. This can be used in the shape of automated reminders, for example, when maintenance appointments are due. In that case, an e-mail reminder is sent to the person in charge to make sure important dates are not forgotten.

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Address Issues Immediately

Sometimes, communication channels can include a lot of detours through multiple departments and supervisors, which can turn a pressing issue into a lengthy and tedious process. With a work order and asset management software like ToolSense, workers can open a ticket once a problem occurs, which is then immediately forwarded to the person in charge.

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Better Inventory Management Across Locations

Clever asset management solutions can do more than just track runtimes and locations. That is why ToolSense is able to improve your inventory management by integrating it into the same platform you can use for maintenance and work order management. ToolSense’s inventory and asset management software sends out useful reminders whenever you are running low on stock.

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Make Improved Data-Based Decisions

ToolSense’s asset management software offers powerful reporting and analytics tools that can help you analyse where and how many costs arise or which assets are the most profitable. This data can be used as a base in your decision-making process to eliminate costs and save money.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Energy and Utilities

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

If you are looking to improve your work order management, ToolSense is the perfect choice for you. The software makes it easy to issue work orders and process work order requests by directing them straight to the responsible employee. Workers can track and record their progress until the work order is closed and filed in the asset’s lifecycle folder.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

The internet of things, IoT for short, describes a network of interconnected assets and sensors that constantly exchange and collect information. With an energy management software like ToolSense, this dream of automated processes and networked machines can easily come true, either by using ToolSense’s trackers, GSP sensors, or QR code solution.

Easy QR Code Implementation

Instead of blocking your machines with bulky trackers, the software for maintenance and operations assigns a unique QR code to each asset. Your workers scan the code with the help of a modern smartphone or tablet and can easily issue a work order, repair request, or order spare parts. With this code, employees can also report downtime or record usage.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

Knowing your asset’s location, condition, runtime and potential repair requests related to them makes it a lot easier to work with your equipment efficiently. That is why ToolSense’s energy management software keeps an eye on all relevant stats and collects data in an asset’s lifecycle folder, eliminating the need for further software or tools.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

To ensure every work order is completed and with what result, ToolSense’s energy management software offers a practical combination of checklists, a thought-out work order management and ticketing system. Employees can issue and process work orders, track their progress, and close the ticket once a task is completed. Instead of ending up in an e-mail bin, the work order is stored in your asset’s lifecycle folder and can be used for analytic purposes later on.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

If your energy or utility company relies strongly on suppliers, a clear line of communication is an absolute must. ToolSense offers simple and straightforward integration of suppliers in your software for energy and utilities so you no longer have to worry about communication channels or missing important appointments.