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Facility Management & Maintenance Without All the Paperwork

ToolSense’s user-friendly designed facility maintenance software makes scheduling work orders a breeze for anyone – and reduces downtime to a minimum.

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Run Facility Operations Easily

ToolSense is more than a building management software and combines asset management, maintenance management, work order management, and inventory management in one easy-to-use system. Whether you are tracking runtimes, issuing work orders, or keeping an eye on your inventory – the right facility equipment maintenance system will have you covered.

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Reactive Work Orders

A versatile software like ToolSense not only keeps track of your assets, but your work orders as well. A worker can issue a work order through the system, which will be directed to the responsible employee immediately. They can then track the progress and record the results in the computer-aided facility management software, and close the work order once it is completed.

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Work Order History

If a work order is issued orally or via e-mail, it can be easily forgotten or end up in your mailbox’s bin. If you are looking to gather data on how your work orders are completed, how much time is needed, and how many work orders your employees issue in a certain time frame, it is important to have access to statistics and your entire work order history. This is why closed work orders aren’t deleted, but filed in the system for later review during your decision-making process.

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Bye-Bye, Paper and Pen

Upgrading to a modern form of facility management can save your company a lot of time and money and make the entire process more efficient. ToolSense’s asset and facility management software combines everything you need in a single, easily accessible platform that is optimised for desktop and mobile use. Your employees never have to dig through heavy folders ever again because the information that they need is neatly stored in your ToolSense database.

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Collaborate Across Your Organisation

To work efficiently and productively, every employee needs to be on the same page and up to date on all tasks and work orders. Especially if a company employs a large number of people, Excel lists, e-mails, and WhatsApp group chats aren’t enough to keep everyone organised. A software for maintenance and operations that combines asset management and work order management in one platform can help keep everyone in the loop, ease communications, and make sure work orders reach the responsible employee.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Facility Management

Interested in the best facility management software solutions? In our article, we talk about benefits, selection criteria, and the top 5 facilities management software solutions.

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

ToolSense’s facility management software combines everything you need in one system and focuses greatly on organising and optimising work orders. Every employee can issue a work order, like a repair request, through the system, which is then forwarded to the respective worker.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

The idea behind IoT (internet of things) is an array of interconnected machines and sensors that collect and exchange data. ToolSense allows you to modernise your company’s workflow by offering an easy-to-use software along with the respective hardware that can be attached to and used with every asset you can think of, regardless of its manufacturer.

Easy QR Code Implementation

Most systems require large trackers or GPS sensors to successfully deliver data. While ToolSense offers a variety of hardware, you can use the software’s unique QR code solution instead. The asset management software assigns a unique QR code for every asset or machine to track locations, runtimes, and issue work orders. Employees only need to scan the code with the help of a smartphone or tablet to request usage or report a fault.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

Usage time, breakdowns, location, work orders, and much more can be tracked using ToolSense’s facility asset management software. That way, you are always up-to-date when it comes to your assets and can deploy them more efficiently. These statistics can also be used as a foundation to make the most economic decisions for your company in the future by figuring out where unexpected costs arise.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

Work order management needs to be efficient, transparent, and comprehensible, which is why ToolSense’s work order and maintenance management software offers an easy-to-use ticketing system for work orders as well as the ability to create checklists. Once a work order is issued, the employee in charge will receive a ticket, can record the progress within the software, check off tasks, and close the ticket once the work is completed.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

Chances are, your facility works with one or more suppliers whose collaboration requires seamless and effortless communication. With ToolSense, you can easily integrate all your suppliers into the same platform that is used for other types of facility management, such as asset management and work order management. That means you have all the information you need in a single software. This greatly improves your employees’ day-to-day workflow.