🎉 Exciting News | ISS and ToolSense enter partnership for global rollout

We Digitize the Business Model of Machine Manufacturers & Dealers

With ToolSense, you get an integrated after-sales portal for your customers. Additionally, you can digitize your machines with state-of-the-art IoT hardware.

Increase your after-sales revenue

The ToolSense Asset Operations Platform enables you to become proactive in your after-sales services.

Introduce new service-focused business models

Build new service-focused business models, based on smart digitized processes and open up additional streams of revenue.

Reduce process costs in customer service

With less manual work and automated workflows, you significantly reduce costs related to customer service processes.

Benedikt Schneider

Head of Product Management
Knauf PFT

The concept of ToolSense and the whole team is just great! We finally have a single digital platform, that makes a lot of manual processes obsolete. Our goal is to retain merchants and clients with great digital services that save them time and money. Additionally we build up a unique set of first-party data that help us to improve our products and services even more.

Offer your customers a machine portal and IoT

As a machine manufacturer or dealer, you get a fully white labeled machine portal for your customers. You can even have it hosted under your company’s domain. Together with our state-of-the-art IoT hardware, you can offer your customers a fully digitized package.

Digital, automated and efficient service processes

No more back and forth with mails and phone calls needed. You can work on your customer’s tickets, add comments, or upload documents like cost estimates and invoices. Once the service case is completed, it is automatically documented in the asset’s life cycle folder.

ToolSense Work Order Management

Ready to ditch Excel and Paper?

Join 700+ Operations, Maintenance & Repair Teams Simplifying Their Daily Business With ToolSense

Proactive after-sales with automatic service reminders

ToolSense has an easy-to-use and powerful rules engine that allows you to create maintenance workflows. For example, create a scheduled workflow for a specific asset type to proactively manage your after-sales.

Digitize all processes, requests and services around the machine

We enable you and your customers to digitize all the workflows that were based on Excel, WhatsApp and Pen and Paper before. Build seamless workflows and automate processes to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

ToolSense Asset Management