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Manage Your Property Effortlessly

Keeping an overview of your entire property with all its assets doesn’t have to be difficult. ToolSense’s asset and property management software will help you manage and maintain both your building and your equipment.

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Assign and Track Work Orders Anywhere, Anytime

Since work orders are a big part of a smooth workflow, assigning and tracking them accordingly is an absolute must. ToolSense offers simple and easy work order management that is suitable for desktop and mobile use, so you can manage your work orders in just a few clicks regardless of your location.

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Preventive Maintenance Made Easy

Preventive maintenance keeps your building and your assets in top shape, reduces downtime, and prevents unexpected repairs. With a property asset management software like ToolSense, you can schedule all maintenance appointments, set up automatic reminders, and track your progress effectively with the help of custom checklists.

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How to create your preventive maintenance program in 8 steps.

Property Maintenance Without All the Paperwork

Heavy folders, e-mail chaos, handwritten notes, and single sheets of paper are a thing of the past. You can easily digitalise your asset and property management with ToolSense by saving the most important information in your asset’s lifecycle folder. Additionally, you can store files, such as invoices or warranty information, photos, and videos in your ToolSense platform.

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Reduce Equipment Downtime with Recurring Work Orders

For recurring tasks, such as cleaning your equipment, conducting safety audits, or doing maintenance checks, you can easily set up automated reminders in your software for asset and property management. That will ensure that no task is forgotten and reduce downtime by keeping your building and the assets inside in the best shape possible.

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Easily Generate Reports and Data Visualisations

Your asset management software can be an incredibly powerful tool in your decision-making process. ToolSense collects and saves important data regarding your machines, assets, inventory, and work orders which can be used to generate useful reports and comprehensive visualisations surrounding your most important data.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Property Management

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

It’s easy to lose sight of your work order management while maintaining a large property. ToolSense’s software for maintenance and operations allows your employees to create work orders that always reach and notify the responsible worker, ensuring that no task is forgotten.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

Equipping your machines and assets with a GPS sensor and tracker allows for a seamless exchange of data and useful automation. That is why ToolSense offers a variety of modern trackers and sensors that can be attached to your machines to measure runtimes and track the location.

Easy QR Code Implementation

Instead of using trackers and sensors, you can choose a simple QR code solution for your asset management. The software for maintenance and operations assigns a unique QR code to each of your assets that your employees can scan with their smartphones and tablets to track runtimes or issue work orders.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

Keep all your equipment, machines, tools, and assets in a single asset management software – regardless of their manufacturer. With ToolSense, you can keep track of their location, usage, downtime, repair requests, and much more by saving this information in your asset’s lifecycle folder. Integrating existing assets can be done with just a few clicks through a handy Excel import.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

When you assign a new work order, a ticket is created that is automatically forwarded to the person in charge. Once the work order is completed, the ticket is closed and filed in your asset’s lifecycle folder. ToolSense also offers the ability to create custom checklists to make sure no detail is left out of your work order process.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

To improve business relationships with your suppliers, you can easily integrate them into ToolSense’s platform and run communications through the same software for maintenance and operations. This keeps all your important information in a single place and easily accessible at all times.