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Vehicle Trip Management & Winter Service Documentation

Introducing vehicle & trip management with ToolSense technology, we welcome you to a new era of elevating fleet operations to new heights. This revolutionary feature is meticulously crafted for diverse businesses, ranging from small-scale operations to large corporations, and is particularly essential for companies offering specialized services like winter snow removal. Our technology provides a comprehensive, real-time overview of your fleet, simplifying complex logistical challenges into manageable, actionable insights.

Revolutionizing Fleet Management with ToolSense

Whether you are looking to enhance the efficiency of your vehicle operations, ensure the reliability of your service offerings, or simply transition from outdated tracking methods, ToolSense is your ideal partner. Our solution is not just about vehicle tracking; it’s about transforming your entire approach to fleet management, making it more intelligent, proactive, and data-driven.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking​

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

With ToolSense, experience the pinnacle of fleet tracking technology. Our system offers live GPS updates, providing you with a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet’s locations and movements. This feature is invaluable for ensuring timely operations, enhancing route planning, and improving overall response times. Whether your vehicles are on a short trip across town or a long haul across the country, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Stay ahead of maintenance and prevent unexpected downtime with our state-of-the-art IoT trackers. These devices not only track location but also gather critical data on fuel consumption, mileage, and engine health. This allows for predictive maintenance, ensuring your vehicles are always in top condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending the lifespan of your fleet.

Vehicle Health Monitoring​
Route & Trip Planning

Route & Trip Reporting

Our comprehensive route and trip reporting tools go beyond mere tracking. With detailed data on start and end times, exact locations, and travel routes, these reports offer insights into driving patterns and efficiency. This feature is particularly beneficial for optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and improving overall time management.

Geo Zone Alerts

Enhance your fleet’s security and compliance with our geo-zone alerts. Set up specific areas and receive instant notifications when your vehicles enter or leave these zones. This feature is crucial for managing sensitive or restricted areas, ensuring compliance with operational guidelines, and enhancing the overall safety of your fleet.

Geo Zone Alerts​
Event Detection​

Event Detection

Our system not only tracks where your vehicles are but also how they are being driven. Keep a close eye on driving behavior with alerts for incidents such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and sharp turns. This feature promotes safer driving habits, reduces the risk of accidents, and contributes to the longevity of your vehicles.

Alexander Manafi (CEO) gives you a private tour

Our CEO, Alexander Manafi, gives you a quick private tour. See the actual product and how it is used to improve your asset operations. If the video embed isn’t working as expected, please find the full video here.

Proven Track Record

Get up to 875% ROI With ToolSense

Reduction in time of operational staff spent managing assets, handling inspections and locating asset information


Reduction of annual asset costs (buying, repair & parts)
Example: For FM company with 3K employees this results in €150K asset cost reduction / year


Reduction of unplanned downtime
Example: For FM company with 3K employees this results in €200K cleaner personnel cost reduction / year

Verified review
We wanted a solution that does not only track expensive assets but also cheap ones. In Austria, ISS operates over 6,500 cleaning machines alone, without even counting vacuum cleaners and other pieces of equipment. With ToolSense we bring them together on a single platform, leveraging data from IoT hardware and improving maintenance and inspection processes.
David Hiersche on ToolSense
David Hiersche
Director Operations Performance @ ISS Austria
Verified review
With ToolSense we no longer have duplicated data stored in Excel sheets but a central and synchronized system that contains all relevant information and documentation. We save a lot of time and therefore I have an immediate positive economic impact. In addition to that we wanted to stay in charge of our own data which required a manufacturer-independent solution.
Ralf Lüddemann
Head of Machine Technology @ Leonhard Weiss
Verified review
Being able to combine equipment on one dashboard, where we have motorized and non-motorized equipment, is key for ABM. We currently have 5,000–6,000 non-motorized pieces of equipment out there in the field. Bringing that all together into one system is a big benefit.
Michael Ostendorf
Senior Vice President Service Delivery @ ABM Industries
Verified review
We finally have a single digital platform, that makes a lot of manual processes obsolete. Our goal is to retain merchants and clients with great digital services that save them time and money. Additionally, we build up a unique set of first-party data that help us to improve our products and services even more.
Benedikt Schneider
Head of Product Management @ Knauf PFT

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Beyond Tracking - A Suite of Benefits

Easy Transition

Transitioning to ToolSense’s Vehicle & Trip Management system is a breeze. Whether you’re moving from manual logs, spreadsheets, or an older digital system, our platform is designed for ease of adoption. We understand the challenges of changing systems, which is why we’ve focused on creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, ensuring a smooth transition for your team.

maximized efficiency
IoT-enabled Fleet Management: Remote logistics tracking with ToolSense technology on a laptop.

Data-Driven Decisions:

No matter the industry, use-case or budget: data is king. Our system provides you with detailed reports and analytics, allowing you to make informed, strategic decisions. Use our data to identify trends, optimize operations, and reduce costs. With ToolSense, you’re not just collecting data; you’re harnessing its power to drive your business forward.