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Collaborate Across the Entire Campus

Teachers, assistants, caretakers, cleaning staff, and other types of employees can be found at schools and on campuses and have to work together in order to be efficient. That means an easy communication tool is needed where staff can collaborate and communicate seamlessly. ToolSense offers education software solutions that are easy to use on desktop as well as on mobile and enable effortless ways to communicate across the entire campus.

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Preventive Maintenance

Many different types of assets and equipment across campus can profit from preventive maintenance. Regular check-ups make it a lot easier to spot and fix minor flaws before they can turn into big problems, thus saving you a lot of time and money. With an asset management software like ToolSense, you can stay organised and manage your preventive maintenance properly.

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Address Issues Immediately

Schools and universities rely on many types of equipment to be able to teach students. That means broken equipment or safety issues need to be taken care of immediately so that classes can resume. If the right software is used in schools, problems can be forwarded to the caretaker or the responsible employee immediately and fixed quickly before students are disadvantaged.

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Manage Work Order Requests

As in every company, industry, or organisation, schools need to have an appropriate system to manage work orders in place. ToolSense, a software for maintenance and operations, focuses greatly on work orders and work order requests, making sure that all employees have a clear line of communication and responsibilities. Work orders and requests can be resolved quickly and efficiently, and the progress is tracked within the software.

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Reporting and Analytics

Knowing where your assets are, when they are in use, which work orders were issued, and what problems occurred is vital when it comes to proper asset management. That is why ToolSense stores all important information related to your equipment in an asset’s lifecycle folder and offers powerful reporting and analysis tools in terms of location, downtime, runtime, work orders, and repair requests.

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Advantages of Using ToolSense for Universities and Schools

Focus and Alignment on Work Orders

Where many school software solutions focus solely on asset management, ToolSense offers a highly efficient education software that combines asset management and work order management. Work orders issued through the platform are delivered instantly and always reach the responsible employee. They are notified via e-mail and can record their progress until the work order is concluded.

Unique Integration of Suppliers

A school can’t function without supplies and a good relationship with all important suppliers. That is why ToolSense makes it incredibly easy to integrate suppliers into the education software platform so that communications can run effortlessly on the same channel that is used for work orders, asset and inventory management.

Easy QR Code Implementation

Most asset management software works in combination with trackers or GPS sensors, but on top of that, ToolSense offers a handy alternative that saves space and is easily accessible. The school software issues a unique QR code for every asset that can be scanned with the help of a smartphone or tablet whenever it is in use or when a problem occurs. That means every teacher, caretaker, and member of staff can use ToolSense without the need for expensive hardware.

Asset Management Has Never Been so Simple

Despite the large focus on work orders, ToolSense is a fantastic software for schools that want to track their assets appropriately. That means keeping an eye on runtime, location, downtime, breakdowns, repair requests and spare part orders. It also ensures seamless distribution and allows you to issue usage rights among teachers and staff members.

Work Orders, Ticketing and Checklists

A lot of tasks arise on campus – these can range from repairing broken equipment to fixing dangerous safety concerns for students and teachers. To make sure these issues are taken care of quickly and diligently, ToolSense offers a fantastic combination of useful checklists and a reliable work order solution and ticketing system that instantly notifies the employee in charge. Tasks can be checked off, work orders completed, and tickets closed while the progress is registered by the system.

IoT Solution for the Next Level

An array of networked assets and machines that communicate and exchange data through sensors – that is the idea behind the internet of things (IoT). What may seem like a piece of science fiction is very much possible with the right software for education, like ToolSense. This clever asset management software solution stores everything on a single platform, easily accessible via desktop or mobile and regardless of the manufacturer.