Bringing Together Educational Facilities and Business Perspectives

Education in the Netherlands has long prioritized opportunity for everyone. With the first act of legislation passed in 1801, the goal was to provide basic instruction at no cost to its citizens. The MBO program, also known as vocational training, offers four levels to students (depending on career goals). Enrollees can choose between either standard curriculum or apprenticeships.

At ToolSense, we salute companies that are helping students start with a clear path from training to career — particularly for educational programs like MBO. The Facilicom Group is a well-known partner in the academic world, providing services that make for better learning environments. Furthermore, providing ultimately, more focused students.

From cleaning to full-scale renovations to security system installation. Institutions rely on the company’s professional staff to improve and maintain the country’s facilities. We look at the history and accomplishments of Facilicom in the cleaning sector before introducing its new training program. See why it’s beneficial for everyone involved and why ToolSense is so invested in quality education that leads students to where they want to be.

Education and Support

About the Facilicom Group

The Facilicom Group has a number of specialities across different economic sectors. In education, Facilicom operates under the name Breijer for its construction division and Facilicom Solutions for additional services. Under its Solutions brand, Gom is sector-specific for cleaning and the Safety Group (under its Trigion division) is designed to improve the safety and logistics of its educational facilities.

The company’s mission is simple: the staff is trying to improve the quality of life in the Netherlands. The organization states that everyone who interacts with their buildings — from full-time employees to one-time guests — deserves a healthy, positive experience.

A History of Cleanliness

The Netherlands is known for being clean. With some attributing attitudes to the high number of farmer’s daughters hired as maids around the 1700s. Whether this is true or not, the reality is that Dutch people have very high standards for what they consider clean. The Facilicom Group may have some demanding clients, but they’re more than up to the challenge.

This company has pioneered the cleaning industry, using the best in machinery to ensure quality, consistent results. More than just buying equipment though, the company has invested in its staff. After offering numerous opportunities to HBO and WO graduates, Facilicom is focusing on a different kind of student.

The New MBO Trainee Program

The Facilicom Group recently rolled out a program for MBO students. It is the first service provider in the country to offer students a 2-year traineeship. Working with Albeda, ROC van Amsterdam and Zadkine, the program is readying students specifically to take on positions at the Facilicom Group. This program gives people from every background the chance to get ahead, and it brings more diversity to the company.

This kind of opportunity is unfortunately rare in the Netherlands. It might be because companies fail to realize how much any team member can contribute to its success — not just those at the top.

The Value of Support

The Facilicom Group is giving back to students who’ve shown the motivation and desire to learn. ToolSense knows that this kind of support is priceless, and they have the story to prove it. This tech company started as a science project at university. It might not have gone very far if the inventors hadn’t been encouraged at an impressionable age.

The company’s software started with a simple request: a mutual friend asked the three founders of the company if they could design a program that would help the construction industry manage its machinery.

The IoT solution was specifically scaled to receive and process digital requests for massive equipment. When people saw the improvements, the demand spike was nearly immediate. ToolSense quickly grew from the three founders to more than 30 employees today.

working together

The Benefits of Perspective

Programs give students a goal to work toward. By partnering with a company, they learn the exact skills they need to be successful from the moment they step into a position. Companies can customize the programs to their needs, thereby increasing employee retention and decreasing liability. This is the kind of knowledge that you can’t instill in the first few days on the job.

In the cleaning industry, these benefits can’t be discounted. The more MBO programs there are, the more relationships can be built between the right professionals. It translates to happier employees, more promotions, higher productivity, and fewer accidents. The Facilicom Group can certainly confirm that the rewards are well worth the effort.

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Bringing Together Educational Facilities and Business Perspectives