After-Sales Digitization

The digitization hardware
for machines

To enable you to digitize your machines as easily and as cheap as possible, we have developed the “ToolSense IOT” hardware.

The use of intelligent sensor technologies provides data points that are actually necessary for the digitization of after-sales processes. This reduces the complexity of the data processing and the focus is only on relevant data points.

ToolSense IOT

ToolSense IOTFeatures

Can be connected to various machine interfaces (e.g. CAN bus or RS485 / RS232)


Sends data reliably worldwide via a cellular connection


Data collection with built-in ToolSense sensor technology: location, machine running time, vibration & shocks, machine battery voltage


ToolSense IOTvalue-add


Every machine can be digitized


Easily expandable with ToolSense AMP for power measurement

ToolSense IOT Platine

Perfect in combination with:

ToolSense IOTFactSheet

Are you interested in ToolSense IOT?

If so, download the ToolSense IOT FactSheet right now. Simply fill out the form and request the FactSheet – the download is available immediately afterwards.

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