ToolSense IOT”: Countless possibilities

We designed the “ToolSense IOT” hardware (60mm x 50mm x 13mm) so that you can digitize your machines as easily and as cost-efficient possible.

“ToolSense IOT” hardware is available in different versions and with different add-on components.

That’s why you can flexibly cover a multitude of requirements with ToolSense.

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“ToolSense IOT”: Plug & Play

If you prefer to have a fully-integrated, IP-certified box instead of a pure PCB – of course this is possible.

In this case you get a fully enclosed “ToolSense IOT” unit delivered to you. You only need to mount it to the machine and connect the + / – cable to the power supply of the machine. That’s it.

The mounting of the “ToolSense IOT” unit is very eay and takes a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Highest engineering standards – in a business card format

The “ToolSense IOT” hardware offers a broad range of technical possibilities:

  • Covers all voltage inputs between 5V – 520V
  • Different on-board sensors: acceleration sensor, gyrosocope, battery voltage measurement
  • Positioning with GPS or triangulation
  • Optional integration with ToolSense sensors (“ToolSense AMP”, “ToolSense H2O”) or with external sensors

Extendable and flexible

  • Optional integration with “ToolSense KEY”
  • Optional integration with machine data interfaces such as RS485/RS232, CAN-Bus or Ethernet
  • Optional integration with digital or analog inputs
  • OTA Write updates of the machine firmware

“Tiny but Powerful

If you have very little space in the machine, we can also use a mini version of “ToolSense IOT” hardware (e.g. hand-held battery-powered devices).

The mini version offers the same range of functions and has components on both sides of the PCB (39mm x 32mm x 6mm).

With the mini-version it’s possible to digitize every machine with “ToolSense IOT” – even if the available space is extremely limited.

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